Team 323Z Aftershock Website

Hello VEX Community!

We (Team 323Z) have recently been working on our website, and wanted to see what you all thought of it?

Let us know!

FYI: Some of the pages still lack content because we have not really started our season. We will hopefully be adding content soon!

Hm, has my thread started a trend? :stuck_out_tongue:

Great site! I like how well organized the navigation bar is, and I also like the homepage. It has just the right amount of content on it.

One nit-picky thing I noticed on the Needs page, under Sponsors: Under “optional needs,” you listed “Competition Field Tile’s.” You may want to take the apostrophe out of “tiles.” Perfect grammar never hurts your chances of being sponsored by a business or foundation. :slight_smile:

Overall, good job!

Thank you for your comments!

About what you said:

I added the tiles because when I say “Competition Field”, I think about everything involved with a real competition field (i.e. Perimeter, Game Objects, and Tiles (mats). That is why I added the tiles. I may be wrong though.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t list the tiles, I’m just saying that you should take out the apostrophe, so that it’s “Tiles” instead of “Tile’s.”

Oh, now i see what your talking about. Thank you!