Team 323Z Gamma Titan Release

We have the 2014 Indiana State Championship tomorrow, so I thought I would release our robot we are bringing! Unfortunately we did not get a video done (we practiced skills instead).


6 Motor 393 1.6:1 Drive
4 Omni Wheel Elevated Chassis
Gets over the bump in less than 1 second.

2 Motor 393 1:7
6-Bar Lift
Elastic Supported

2 Motor 393 1:1
24t HS Sprockets with 4 pairs of 2 big flaps as the buckyball intake
24t HS Sprockets with 4 pairs of 3 bumpers as the large ball intake (wrapped in rubber bands)

2 Dual-Stroke Cylinders
25+ Full Field Launches per match
No-Lunging needed

We ran skills a ton the past week (and for a few hours today). In Driver Skills we hit 100 once (2in from 101 :D) and were getting 95+ almost every time. In Programming Skills we have perfected our 74 point run and should be getting that tomorrow. I am happy with our skills scores as we do not hang for 15-20 points. When we do hang (for worlds), we should be getting 110+ in Driver Skills and 80+ in Programming Skills!

Now for the robot :slight_smile:

I wish I had videos, but sadly I do not :frowning: We should have our match videos up tomorrow evening.

Good luck to everyone attending Indiana State!

Can you guys high hang with 2 motors at 1:7?

Will you be attending the CREATE Nationals in Omaha ?

We do not hang nor do we plan to hang with our arm motors.

We are not attending the US Open. We don’t have the time, and more importantly, the money.

I can see you guys have 6 motors on the drivetrain but only 4 wheels. How do u guys distribute the 6 motors to 4 wheels?

Impressive robot. How many pneumatic tanks are you using? Im sad to see that you wont be at the Open. I wouldve liked to see how we stacked up against you.

Your robot looks really impressive! And I’m jealous of your neat wiring lol.

We are using 4. We only need 2, but what the heck, why not add 4 :smiley: There is a good chance I will be at the US open, but my team will not be there. I would be going with 5003 (watch out, they are good ;))

Thanks :slight_smile: Our wiring is kind of sloppy right now though :frowning:


We won the Indiana State Championship this past Saturday and we also won the Driver Skills award (93 points). We had some stupid moments in the qualification, and elimination, but got through those and won with our partners 5003 and 1115C. Our programming was wacky at State. It skipped around our code all the time. We did not get the 73 point programming skills run (only 44 :() but we should be getting 73 or better by Worlds.

Here is one of our better robot skills runs at State (92 points):

Our matches are being uploaded right now. We WILL be going to Worlds with low hanging and more consistent programming. I am pretty sure we will have 12+ autonomous per color.

Constructive Criticism is ALWAYS appreciated! Thanks as always!

EDIT: Please let me know what you think of our skills routine. How can we make it faster and score more points? I designed the run like that because at Worlds we will be hanging at the end. If we had hanging, we would have had time to hang (especially if I did not hit that barrier in the beginning).

We will be making some changes, some of those include:

  1. Low Hang
  2. Something to stop the buckyballs from flying out of the tray when we cross over the bump
  3. More consistent programming
  4. Better “dongles” (large ball knockers)
  5. Other random things

Nice skills run I like that you don’t knock the big balls till the end because it gives you more room to move around the goal zone. Why not try high hang for worlds? You may lose robot skills or a match by 5 or less if you low hang.

Thanks, we like that too. High Hanging with our current robot isn’t possible. We can low hang no problem, but we don’t want to take motors off our drive and put them on our lift. Unless we find a SUPER efficient way to High Hang in less than 2sec, we are just going to stick with Low Hanging.

Amazing robot as usual, but time for the more important things, how did you guys do those Decals?:stuck_out_tongue:

My team is trying to implement some nice graphics and yours are so clean and nice. I know they’re backed by Lexan, but what is the actual decal made of and how did you attach it so nicely?

Thanks :smiley:

Very nice win Saturday. Glad I could be there! And the only thing I see a need for is something not to lose your buckles on the bump. And maybe more and maybe more and more practice:)

Just wondering but why didn’t you leave your dongle on for your normal matches?

And lastly, do you think I could acquire some pictures of your launching mechanism and bucket?

haha the best part of the robot :slight_smile:

We design our decals on a computer and then bring them into FedEx for them to print. We get them laminated there as well.

Only the back part of our robot has lexan.

What makes our robot “amazing”.

Thanks Jarred! Yea, I wouldn’t want to lose my buckle on the bump. That wouldn’t end well :stuck_out_tongue: (Yes, I know what you mean, and that is something I want to fix right away).

The dongle wasn’t needed for the matches, and it sometimes got caught on the barrier.

If you want pictures, you know how to contact me :wink:

Looks like u guys have dem RuiqRollers XD

Any pictures of your big ball knocker dongle? :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats on your tournament results btw!

Good luck at worlds :cool:

Do you have any pictures of the beach ball launcher? My team can’t seem to get it right, we can launch only a few feet but not enough to span the whole field. Any pictures would be appreciated! :smiley:


Yea, mostly :slight_smile: They work okay, but we will be making them SO much better for Worlds.

If you would like pictures of specific parts of our robot, please email me and ask!

Email me here and I can hook up:

Very well Done, Better than mine, but [SARCASM] soooo creative /[SARCASM]

Nice with the 4 pneumatic tanks though, thats a lot of space and weight.

I would try the vex 2.0 keys though, they are worth the money.

Creative, not so much, but effective? Yes.

We will have 4 tanks on the robot for worlds, but they won’t all feed the launcher.

If we had money I would get them, but unfortunately we don’t :frowning: If they have a pair at Worlds I might buy them, but we will see.

Our Worlds robot should have a few “creative” things that I haven’t seen before :wink: