Team 323Z Innovate Award Entry

Hope you enjoy our 2014 VEX World Championship Innovate Award Entry! This is definitely one of the more unique hanging systems I have seen this year (254A and 1200 have similar).

Let me know what you think, and see you all at Worlds!

(I’ll post Team 323X’s Innovate Award Entry soon)

Very nice hanging mechanism… never thought before! :cool:

You showed me this a while ago, and I’m glad I could be of help! It looks amazing. Very solid and well made.

Shoutout should also Tabor for his original concept of a pneumatic hang. (Which then he abandoned)

Also: 254A is now 254D, just for future reference.

Looks awesome and efficient. When I was experimenting with having the hang pistons mounted to my launcher/hopper area, I wish I would have thought of this - great idea!

Very smooth! Great Job, but do the added pistons affect the launching of a large ball. Otherwise awesome split second low hang.

I’m assuming they don’t, because at around 0:30 in the video, you can see the pivot for the launcher is much more forward than the pivot for the hanger.

I never thought of that way to hang. Very well put together video!

is this method of hanging consistent and reliable for you? earlier in the season (November-ish) my team had used a similar method for low hanging. after about 2 weeks or so, our 2 double acting pistons broke under all the stress from hanging. and what is the pressure you guys are pumping to?

It has been reliable for us so far. We just completed this hanging, but are still working on getting the perfect height. So far, yes, it’s been good.

Neither of my robots that low hanged with pistons. One robot from July and one from February had any issues with bending the pistons. Its all about keeping the force parallel to the piston so it doesn’t bend it.

what’s the pressure you guys pump to?

We pump to the max allowed pressure which is 100psi. Why?

Well, at the start we didn’t know there was a limit so we pumped till 240psi >< then after a while we realized that there was a limit, we did 110 but had to use 4 pistons instead. All eventually broke so now we are using transmission. BTW how heavy is your bot?

What the…

Back up. You got the PSI on these Pneumatic kits to 240? Seriously?

Holy cow O_O

Yea, 100 is the limit :stuck_out_tongue: Our current robot is 13(ish) pounds. I haven’t weighed in a while :slight_smile:

we have pushed it to 310 in the past but you risk leakage and deterioration of the solenoid performance (it becomes laggy)

I am surprised that the pistons didn’t break immediately… cause if you pump pass 140 psi the pistons themselves will break :eek:

only our hanging pistons broke due to the air pressure and the weigh of the robot. but it didn’t break spontaneously, like the rod flys out or something like that. we noticed that after about 30ish hangs the pistons started to not extend the full 2" and eventually stopped moving at all.

Wow very interesting.

With this robot though I could expect that a lot of air was pumped into the tanks, like, A LOT. Photo below:

What makes you think they over pump? there are several teams that are able to make full field tossers without exceeding 100psi