Team 323Z Media Updates

Check out our new website layout:

Let us know if there is anything wrong :slight_smile:

Also check out our social media!

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If you have Google Chrome, you can download our Team 323Z Theme :slight_smile:

We shall see you guys next year for VEX Toss Up](“!/Team323Z”)
Team 323Z Aftershock Theme (Google Chrome).zip (549 KB)

Looks good ! I think its awesome to see your team archiving your robot progress online.
Especially the multiple iterations of your robot over the VEX season.

I’m impressed with the OPR ranking feature on the cornerstone site.

That is awesome! How do you grab that information? Do you scrape the page ?


I am not 100% sure on the OPR and how he does it, but feel free to contact him (My coach and Cornerstone Robotics founder) at: [email protected]

Yes, I currently scrape the robotevents pages and put everything into a database. I did this before robotevents made the results available in a .csv file. I plan on updating this over the summer to pull everything from the .csv file instead.


And if you want an offline version, I have written a windows application to do the same thing:

Definitely check this out. Brandon has created a great scouting app and was kind enough to add some of the features from my site. I used his app for scouting at Worlds.


Very nice. You guys did really good job.

Go follow us on Instagram to get a first glance on what we are doing for Toss Up! We will be posting pictures from our first meeting, and maybe a short video of our ideas :slight_smile: Follow us: @323z_aftershock

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Don’t forget, if we get 300+ YouTube subscribers and 200+ Facebook likes by August 28th, our Toss Up ideas, robot designs, strategies, CAD and anything you can think of will go public. Tell your friends :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think about the new website layout:

It is more simple, but I really like the feel and look of it.

The website looks great, what did you use to do it?

I used a generic template, then spent tons if time on getting exactly what I wanted by using code.

Website looks great good work :). Ill be looking forward to the CAD models ;).

Here is my (nitpicky) 2 cents:

Quickly looking through the source code, I noticed you have loading about 12 google fonts into your sites, I would recommend reducing that to less then 3 to reduce initial loading time.

I would also change the upper banner to a slightly darker green. The contrast is a bit too much for me.
EDIT: On second thought, it might look weird with it being darker cause it currently matches your logo, I duno, maybe try it out? :stuck_out_tongue:

Another thing is that I would change the background color (or add a border) to the drop down menus. It looks odd how they are now.

Everything else I like!

Hope that helps!

Thank you. I know I had way to many fonts loading upfront. I’ll get rid of some today. The green is bright, and it does match our logo. I’ll see if I can lessen the strain in people’s eyes :slight_smile: I will mess around with the drop down menus and see if I like anything.

Edit: I just added a cool navigation thing :slight_smile: The biohazard logo follow your mouse :slight_smile: