Team 323Z Meets IN Governor Mike Pence

We got to travel to downtown Indianapolis a few weeks ago to present our robot to the representatives, legislators, and the governor of IN! We were able to talk with several of them about what we do, why we do it, and how this is going to impact our future. We also talked to several young adults that were very interested, and may join VEX next year.

We got Mike Pence to touch our robot (that may be how we won state :D).

Just wanted to share this with you all!

(Left to Right)
Corey, Governor Mike Pence, Jesse (Me), Jeffery

Oh my dear God I used to think everything is possible in VRC for our team as long as we work extra hard. But this… great job you guys…

Congrats. Now for Obama lol

Boom…:smiley: [10 characters]