Team 323Z Skyrise Season Update Thread

We are truly disappointed that we did not receive the 2014 World Championship Inspire Award. Since we did not win it, we are going to be posting weekly meeting updates (like Sack Attack) and uploading tons of videos to our YouTube channel. We will be posting our weekly updates here ( and also on the forums.

Please let me know what we can do to Inspire you all more!

In my poinion, this year we have the new hollow cube which we are kind of confused about its intake.
I can see why people are proposing fork intake, claw intake and roller intake. If team 323Z can arrange experiments testing the practicality of various intakes of cubes, we, team 3921 will be one of the first ones to help make your inspire video, since we are not big fans of inspire award:). We are design nerds…
Also, i am kind of terrified of how you said you already have two intake ideas… I am still trying to figure out how to efficiently intake and hold four cubes.

Top roller should work. Claw will be slow, but work for single objects. Side rollers would probably work. Needle intake requires massive height, because you have to get the entire thing above the goal (I think, didn’t play Round Up well), Shovels/forklifts are the same as Claws.

What else is there for an intake in VEX?

Anything you can come up with! New gamepieces should inspire quick prototyping efforts to feel out how well things work, and don’t. Here are just some ideas:

-Completely passive gripper, a spear, hook, forklift, etc.
-Spatula pickup, seen frequently in clean sweep
-Horizontal needle intake
-Green eggs style needle intake (horizontal or vertical), with an interior gripper instead of rollers
-Double sprocket side rollers, also known as a “chainsaw intake”
-Roller claw, which aims to grasp the cube within the rollers rather than force it backwards onto a tray

It’s good to look at other places with similar manipulation challenges. FRC 2005, which featured similar hollow gamepieces, may be a good place to start.

No offense Jesse but quite of few of us thought UVM deserved inspire. I have never heard of pilons and I am pretty active on forum and pretty much any medium for discussing vex. Announcer seemed to say they inspired their region a lot which seems fine but not very global.


The pilons are one of the best FLL teams and probably inspired teams in their area to do better autons.

My idea for a probably feasible intake idea is a verticle tread cycle with hooks attached to them. The robot sticks the hooks inside the cubes and roll up the tread and the cube is lift up.
For the skyrise sections, i have no good ideas but claws claws claws oh i hate claws… Probably people are not noticing, but i think the old fasioned VRC outcast part–vex claw kit, may work perfectly on the skyrise sections.

look at 3018s robot from round up

Well I see here that you said FLL. I’m pretty sure we do VEX, but I’m not 100% confident. I think that the Inspire Award should be given to a team that inspires the majority of the teams around the world, just not some small region that nobody really knows of.

And for you Jesse. This is one of the most selfish things I’ve seen posted on the forums. To me it sounds like you think you can win it every year just by getting a couple teams to say you inspired them. Just by posting that you want to get Inspire Award this year just makes me sad. It sounds like all you want is the trophy, so does this all even matter then?? I remember a few years back when 24c won the Inspire Award, what did they do? They just posted a video of their design which then everyone ended up using. Did they think they were going to get it? I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter now. What I think matters is that you publicly announced that you would be posting updates purely to win a simple metal trophy at the World Championships. There really isn’t anything to them other than that. Now I’m sorry if I have come off a bit harsh, I just think it is somewhat unacceptable to one, post how sad you were because you did not win the Inspire Award this year (which personally I don’t even think you really would deserve it for Toss Up) and two, proceed to post on the forums how you guys wanted Inspire this year.

And to clear up this last part, I know I competed with Team UVM at the World Championship, but I still agree that Owen is the one who truly deserved the Inspire Award this year. Not only did he come up with his design a few weeks after the world championship, he also mentored teams from as far away as Puerto Rico just to be nice. Sure we wanted the award, and it is a big bummer we did not receive it, but you don’t see us going around on the forums in the manner that you are.

Overall I think the part of this post that aggravated me the most is how blatantly you said were doing this update thread to get a trophy.

Yours Truly,

Oh I truly did not mean it that way. I thought it was going to be a “toss up” between UVM and us, but had no idea. I figured you would get it as you had released your intake rollers that everyone used. There is no way I just want the trophy. My goal (since joining VEX) is inspiring teams to get better and more involved with STEM education. The trophy is just a side item, but more importantly is the future of the students.

As I said before, we want to inspire more teams to get better so we will be posting weekly updates. I probably shouldn’t have posted on the forum RIGHT after worlds as I was really tired, and worn out. The manner in which I worded my post was horrible and I am disgusted. (didn’t think…). After reading my first post again, I am very disappointing that I posted that. My goal is NOT the trophy, my goal is to inspire students to get more involved in STEM education. If you know me, I’m sure you would agree with me.

I am not going to argue any more as arguing doesn’t help anyone. If possible, I would like to revise, or even better, delete my original post as it went off bad and is not something that should be on the forum.


You already inspire us I stole your big ball rollers and my drive for next year is a lowered version of your drive this year.

I was actually thinking about this exact thing.

Hello, I am Ella, co-captain of The Pilons.
I see this has become quite a discussion here. I would like to clear a few things up in terms of this award. Our team mentored many local teams, inspiring them on design ideas, autonomous ideas, programming tips and tricks, community involment, competition preparation, and many other aspects. We coached two new teams, helping them succeed in their goals and coming to the world championships with us this year. Alongside this we also teach younger kids robotics and programming, spread VEX and STEM throughout our community, and participate in many community events. We are also not a school team, our team consists of members from 7 different schools.
Now, I understand that this is local, but we also inspire through connections globally through our website. Due to our world champion excellence win and world champion programming skills win in Sack Attack, teams often seek our help and guidance, asking questions about anything and everything through our website, and we are always quick to reply.
We all came from FLL once, yes, and it has taught us about effective autonomous programming which we take very seriously as a big part of VEX, but that is not the method in which we inspire.
I hope this clears up this award.
We are so very grateful and honoured. We are very proud of all the teams we mentored and inspired this year.
This time we spent at the worlds competition was absolutely amazing, and I love that I met some of you amazing people there! This new game poses awesome opportunities for new designs to emerge, keep it up!

Thank you for your time!

Your sarcasm and attitude is both unnecessary and unappreciated. The 5225A is a member of the STEM Hall of Fame for their World Championship Excellence Award in 2013, and that “small region that nobody really knows of” happens to be the home of 3 of the 7 all time World Championship Excellence Award Winners, and one of this year’s World Champions.

Frankly, Banditofernado, I think your post is far more rude and insulting than Jesse323Z’s. You are definitely not in position to be casting stones from your glass house. It’s one thing to express disagreement with a judging decision in a professional manner, it’s another to come out and, for lack of better phrase, be a complete jerk about it.

Thank you Karthik.

The core issue being addressed by banditofernando in this thread is interesting, important and timely. Ignoring the language used, it seems to me that he is suggesting that VEX teams should be engaged in activities based on their intrinsic merits, not extrinsic rewards. And that any expectation for winning an award, and voicing it, is not in the spirit of the “game.” This reminds me of one of the central shortcomings of modern education in high school and beyond: a shift of focus from studying for understanding to studying for grade–most students are more interested in getting a desired grade than learning the content. If my reading of his comment is correct, I agree with the essence of his point.

I think VEX robotics is an excellent program that engages kids in a positive way. But, it has not yet been able to fulfill its stated mission in a satisfactory way. Perhaps because engaging participants in science, math and engineering activities in the context of building VEX competition robots is quite a challenge, one that most students are not prepared to undertake. I believe, so long as the main focus here remains “winning” awards, the difficult task of demonstrating the applications of StEM topics to (VEX) robotics remains unfulfilled.

Sivand Lak~
Educator, Coach, Parent

Thanks for clearing that up Jesse. Excited to see your new ideas for this years game. We all need to zoom out, step back, and see the bigger picture sometimes; we need to understand that we are not the only people in vex and we need to help out the community. Thank you to all the people on the forums who make vex one, big, and happy robot family! :smiley:

I’m sorry my comments were rude. I worded them far too harshly. 5225A was deserving of the award, but at the time of posting I was not aware of what they did for the VEX community. Canada has many brilliant teams which I overlooked.

Jesse, I’m sorry for insulting you. Both of us were just upset in the heat of the moment. I know that you strive to, and do, inspire teams with your designs.

May I also suggest that it would be better for all parties if this thread was deleted so Jesse could make a new one, stating his real intentions to help other teams.

Yes, a new thread. Good idea.:slight_smile: