Team 323Z's Sack Attack Update Thread

This is the thread where all of our updates/prototypes/team meeting overviews and other stuff will be posted. All of this will also be put on our blog here: Team 323Z’s Blog

Lots of YouTube videos will be uploaded on our YouTube Channel.
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We have 12 videos on our YouTube channel right now.

3 Tutorials on how to build a Chain Bar, 6-Bar, and 4-Bar using the Lego Mindstorms System.

7 videos of us testing out different Lifts, and intakes. Many more will be uploaded here.

Then we have 1 very interesting mechanism that one of our new teammates built.

We start out regular team meeting on August 22nd! We meet every Wednesday from 1-4 (we take a break through the Holiday’s).

We are a new team birthed from Cornerstone Robotics. My name is Jesse (hence the username). I am the team mentor/student. I am 15. I am originally from Team 323B Bot-E Builders, but retired from that team and started my own team this year! I am still learning and am very exited for this year!

Please post your comments and questions!

The links on your website are kind of hard to see because they’re all black and the background is dark grey. You might want to consider making them white or the lime green that is used elsewhere on your website. Otherwise, it’s very organized. Good job and good luck to you this season.


Thanks for your comment. I thought I had changed it and published the right link colors, but apparently not.


Team 323Z Aftershock just had our first meeting. We have a total of 6 team members, Jesse (Me), Ethan, Christopher, Corey, John, and Jeffery. Each of these members is new to the VRC competition (besides me :)).

We had a very productive meeting. We went over the game, devised our robot strategy’s, finalized our team name and colors, and started working on our design.

Here are some pictures from our meeting: Team 323Z Photostream

Here is a fun video of a “6-Bar Sword”!

We split up the team members into “Teams”. Christopher and I worked on a drive train. John and Jeffery worked on different lifts, and Corey and Ethan brainstormed ideas for an intake.

We plan on building the rest of the drive train next week and testing it, so look for the videos! Also look for some intake testing videos, and maybe some lift videos.


Since you’ve used a chain bar before, how can you make the bar at the end tilt forward instead of staying leveled?

you would change the gear ratio i would think large on the arm end and small on the tower end

Do you mean gradually change angle as you raise because to do that you use different sized sprockets on the ends of the arm.
5:4 with shift 1/4 of the angle the arm so an arm that starts straight down and goes to straight up will shift 45 degrees 180/4

Thank You.

Its Official!

It official! We are Team 323Z! Just got our Team Identification plates today!


Nice! You’re registered pretty early, it seems! Last year our team didn’t get our ID plates until well after our first tournament, so we had to turn our old 1581H plates into 7581H plates by covering over the 1 in black sharpie and putting a 7 on with whiteout.

I would like to just air a concern on the video you have posted “Intake Testing (Standoffs)”

I would add some sort of safety mechanism(s) onto that intake because the standoffs in our tests have shown the capability of really tearing up a field which might impair your chance of passing inspection; though it is descoring quite well, nice job otherwise.

Here is our first Holonomic Drive Test:

It worked pretty good. A lot better than I expected…

Nice. I would recommend also testing it on the foam tiles, or if you don’t have them, soft-ish carpet. It allows the wheels a little more tolerance in relation to their height, as it allows some to sink into the ground more than the others. This will give you a better idea of it’s actual performance :).

Wow… We actually registered our first team right when we got back from Worlds last year so we could get the welcome kit.

August 29th Meeting Update

Sorry this is late, but I was really busy this past week.

We started working on the 3 main parts of the robot (Lift, Drive, and Intake). The intake team worked on different types of intakes. Here are two videos of them testing.

Standoff Intake Testing
Tank Tread Flaps Intake Testing

The lift team worked on multiple different lifts trying to find which ones reached the 30" goal height. They found that the 6-Bar and Chain Bar worked. We ran out of time that meeting to do anything else with the lifts.

The drive team (Christopher and I) built an H-Holonomic drive. We first built the Tank Drive section and tested it. Here are some videos of those testings.

Tank Drive Test 1
Tank Drive Test 2
Tank Drive Test 3

Then we added the Holonomic portion of the drive. Here are some videos of us testing that.

Full Drive Test 1
Full Drive Test 2

We had a very productive day. The new team members are catching on fast!

September 5th Meeting Update

Today was a really good meeting. We got so much accomplished.

The intake team has picked a type of intake they like, and now they are testing different angles and such so the intake can collect the sacks as fast as possible.

The Lift team attached the lift to the drive base but didn’t get to test it yet.

The drive team really just checked everything to make sure it was tight.

Some pictures of the meeting are attached.

Also, we have lots of pictures on our Pictures page on our website:

Looking good so far!

A couple of things:

-I think its an interesting decision that you’ve made it so the chassis can’t drive over sacks. It means you can score on the tile effectively, but do you think that’s worth it?

-The motors on one of the wheels (I can’t tell if its back or front, I think its front :P) are probably going to get in the way of your intake when the arm is down. I would consider moving them back, and chaining them forwards, unless you have an intake style where this doesn’t matter.

-The intake is probably going to be very difficult, I definitely think its the hardest part of the robot this year. It will very likely come to a stage where everyone on your team is going to be working on the intake. Don’t be discouraged by this, and don’t settle for an intake that’s only “okay”. Keep prototyping until you find something everyone thinks is excellent, and then run with it. Think outside the box as well ;).


We have already thought of this, but the front motors should not interfere with the intake.

We will see about the low skirt drive train. We like it, and it works for what we need it for.

Yes, the intake will be the HARDEST part. We will be working a lot on that. I already had one other member (plus the 2 that where already there) go to the intake team :smiley:

In our testings with Tank Tread Flap intakes, it doesn’t work (unless your lucky) if the intake is fixed. There has to be some sort of movement in the intake.