Team 3309B Practice Bot Reveal - Dobie

VEX Community,

The moment you have all been waiting for.

Today, Team 3309B would like to proudly present our defense bot. “Dobie”
Dobie was designed with one sole purpose, to give our drivers good practice against a very tough opponent.
With this Dobie was born. Equipped with a wedge and a very nimble drive train, Dobie has no trouble pushing the competition bots around. Since his creation, Dobie has become more than just a practice bot. He has become a very own member of the family here at Team 3309. From everyone at Team 3309, thank you and we hope you enjoy.

Sick Idea :smiley:

The wedge allows Dobie to slightly lift up our comp bot and move it around. We added the wedge to give our drivers one of the worst case scenarios when it comes to driving against defense.

You are practicing with an unfeasible scenario.

The wedge isn’t tipping it over though all it is doing is slightly lifting the front edge up which in my understanding is legal.

I wouldn’t be so sure as to jump to that conclusion.
See this thread:

The only reason that would be illegal would be a very liberal definition of entanglement (or a screw on the not Dobie robot actually gets stuck in a hole on Dobie). Unless a screw is sticking out of the bottom of the robot, and somehow goes into a hole on Dobie’s ramp, that would probably be entanglement. Otherwise, I think it would be legal.

If a ref ruled that an entanglement that a lot of robots wouldn’t pass inspections.

Because of this exact match, which we were partners with 62 in, we put a wedge on Dobie to get the most valuable practice possible.

For all who are wondering, Dobie will be attending World Champs. Stop by 3309’s pit and say hello.

Uhh, what? Why is there a shaft rubber band strapped on the battery?