Team 35 Official Reveal Teaser

This is our first teaser image, our lift mechanism will NOT be revealed during the fall. Full reveal coming soon.

What I think: The robot is an omni-wheel tank drive. It has an intake like the ones on 929W and 26. It has a double flywheel, which is why you put one black bar on the top. The lifting is probably done at the back. It probably is not a ramp, as those are rather big. The drivebase is rather high, as it had thin c-channels. And it is a 12.5" one.

How bad am I at guessing?

From the detailed picture, it appears that the robot is made of silver and green parts(VEX ones maybe?). There is also a grey bar on the picture, possibly suggesting that bars were used to build the robot. In the background, the outline of people are visible, so it is likely built by humans. In the upper left corner, there is a ball in space captioned “TERMINAL VELOCITY”, so the robot clearly shoots balls into the atmosphere and allows them to fly back into the field. However, you may want to pay attention to <S1>, quoted below:

On another note, it seems that your camera is either malfunctioning or not set correctly, as the picture is very blurry. Please consult google if you need help with that. :slight_smile:


This is what I think every time I see reveals like this. :slight_smile:

I tried yelling “ENHANCE” at my computer. But it didn’t work. Works on CSI and NCIS.

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Its a bit blurry, just a bit. Maybe you should invest in a new camera to go with that awesome looking new robot (that we can’t see) :slight_smile:

I too tried yelling at my computer, “ENHANCE”. I think we need Penelope on this :smiley:

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Your guess may or may not be accurate.

Just subscribe to our channel for the official reveal!
Again we will not be revealing our lift mechanism for confidentiality sake, nor will we be using it at all in competition until states.

Sounds like a really good elevation design…

Sounds like an awesome lift mechanism, be interesting to see what you have come up with :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like it won’t have enough testing…

Nice robot. So you are taking after us (26) and 929W. Most likely the elevating system is a “chin up” bar that moves or is stationary, it could possibly be a fork lift mechanism or something like that. Also, what is the name of your robot? Every robot needs a name:).

The robot’s name is Vector II since the first prototype was Vector I, all newest details can be found on our site.

Team 35 is proud to announce, that this robot currently holds: 2nd in the world for programming skills, 1st in Michigan for match score of 239, and 1st in Michigan for skills. It has qualified for states via tournament champion with a decisive win against other teams at the tournament. We also placed 1st in the qualification rounds. Great game to all the teams who were there!
See you at states!

Wow, nice! Really good excuse to get a better camera! :smiley:

Here is our first released match video
Full reveal along with more match video coming soon

dayum, not bad. Your design reminds me of team 929W. Only more accurate and with a high lift…

haha you guys just can’t wait for that lift can you?

Honestly, unless you have some mystical amazing high lift design thats never been thought of before, I can probably already find it on the interwebs. But it will be cool to see what you have done.

We can also do double 929W’s skill scores…

More accurate **and **with a higher firing speed then 929W. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wish we can have a 1v1 shootout… that will be interesting :slight_smile: