Team 35, Robot Reveal

We won’t be releasing the full reveal video until the 21st since it isn’t done yet, but go ahead and ask questions and take a look at the pictures below. I will update this thread with the video link later on so stay tuned!

Vector VI is the latest iteration of our robot this season, we have experimented with punchers, double flywheels and single flywheels. This design was chosen for its accuracy, and versatility on the field. This robot can get around 4 balls per second in auto loads and 8 bps in the field, The robot also has a high lift, capable of lifting any robot with any weight. The lift can be done in 10 seconds. This robot has a high speed drive, and is capable of easily pushing other robots out of its path, it is also equipped with a PID control variant, capable of deadly accuracy and maximum fire rate. The intake is powered by turbo motors allowing for very high fire rate.

Good luck at worlds!

I can’t see any of the pictures… Even though the links look fine

Fixed. Sorry about that.

Does the ramp level once the robot gets on top? Where it rotates based on the robot driving up?

Yes the ramp is powered by two motors and elastics, the tension of the elastics is changed to accommodate heavier or lighter robots.

So it isn’t just the climbing robot doing the work? You are helping lift it?

Yes we are helping lift it. The only work the climbing bot has to do is climb up the small incline to get up over the center of gravity. That distances is like 1.75 feet, the robot that climbed it is a 4 motor turbo drive.

Once they are over, we release the motors and let the elastics bring the platform level. No chance of tipping or getting thrown off.

Nice job! Haven’t seen that sort of design before

I especially like the placement of the LCD screen. Having the entering balls choose your autonomous for you is ingenious!
In all seriousness, nice one.

Haha, ya these pics are from a couple days ago and we had to re-do some wiring so that was on the ground. Thanks for the compliment!

Here’s a quick vid of our lift from a couple weeks ago. The single was not finished and this was the first time we deployed our lift so excuse the binding on the left side. We have since fixed the binding and have reduced how violently the thing shoots out so that we don’t end up shooting our alliance partners.

Nice robot and an incredible fire rate. The lift is a great addition to this style of robot, and the ramp is unique to. From what you have described it negates most of the disadvantages of the ramp.

Thanks! Good luck at worlds!