Team 35, States Reveal

In honor of our state competition today, I threw together a quick reveal. Ask any questions you have! Hope to see you all at worlds!

Nice robot! Does the claw flip out or go around the side?

Dam, nice bot! Paintjob looks good too :smiley:

The claw flips out, dang guess I forgot to include that in the reveal.

Thanks man!

Hey that’s pretty good! What are the specs for the towers?

The towers are 3 motors each, geared 1:5, torque motors

Nice job at states! I’m from 3767x on the 8th seed alliance. See you at worlds!

are there any videos from this states competition?

lol rip, I don’t think so.

I can get my hands on some

I would love to see some videos from the state tournament as well!
See you at worlds!

We will see you there although we will be on the middle school side

Thanks man, hope to see you there and best of luck!

Could you put the videos on here or pm me the links if you can. My regional competition is on the 4th - 6th so I’m going all out scouting before the competition to see the types of robots we might face.

I’m gonna try to upload everything I have to our YouTube channel, got to get if off one of my teammates first though. I’ll do it ASAP.

Thank you very much

No problem, hopefully I can get them in a timely manner, we’re super busy this week.

By the way, how did you guys attach the claw to your arms? My team is having troubles finding an efficient way to do so?

Two hinges mounted to the top plate of the motor assembly.

Wouldn’t that fold up when scoring? Or did you find a way to lock it in place?