Team 35 Vector II Reveal

This is it!
The official Vector II reveal!
Full match video coming soon!
Lift not shown for confidentiality reasons

Wow! Nice robot :slight_smile: Still reminds me of 929W :stuck_out_tongue:

I was wondering about the flywheel wheels, they seemed to shake / move quite a lot when shooting, presumably because the shaft was not secured on the top. Was this intentional? Did you find any advantage in accuracy or something?

Also, I guess i should mention, congrats on being 4th and 3rd in the world for robot skills and programming skills respectively.

It does help, the launcher needs to have some room for recoil or else you get friction problems. So 100% intentional.

Uh what do you mean by a pneumatic intake?

Same thing we had one ELEVATED 1.0 (link below). The pneumatics raise the intake.

hey great start to the season. But i have to agree the horizontal flywheels are really popular and the robot reminds me of 929w. no offense:p

None taken, this robot has been worked on since before their reveal though, all original ideas no matter how similar they may look.
Remember we have a high lift which we detatched for the competition and reveal :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a pneumatic pyramid catcher on the front, takes in all four balls at the same time. Not like 929’s in the sense that it doesn’t intake.

Compared to 929W, starts comparing ones self to 929W.


Also your video seems sped up in places, any reason for this?

It was sped up on purpose, reveals need to be short and sweet. Also I will be uploading REAL TIME match video to truly show how fast our fire rate is.

Oh wow. So a hungry hungry hippo type gobbler. Sweet!

Nice Reveal! Your robot is really good no lie!:stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you! Good luck this season!

Please ask questions! As well as start discussion we’d love to hear what you have to say.

How did you get the robot to shoot constantly into the net.


We wait for the flywheels to achieve full speed before inserting another ball in. That allows the trajectory of the ball on the Y axis to be the same every time. Then, we just point and shoot. We really don’t do anything special to keep it on target. It is important that you aim the robot right but that is just by eye. Nothing special.

You also have to put A LOT of time into the construction, design, and science behind your flywheel. Understand the physics and the rest will follow.

What are the angle and gear ratios of your Flywheels?

Ratio is external 25:1
Angle of launcher is confidential sorry!

I understand, no need for apology.