Team 35 | Voyager IV Reveal Teaser!

We’ve been in the dark for a while now about this year’s design. So here’s a little teaser to fill the gaps.
We will try to answer as many questions as we can for now, all details will be released after our full reveal.
Sorry about the wait but with finals coming up we don’t have time to edit a full reveal right now. It will come before our state competition.

Is this robot the one that will be revealed?

Sure is, this robot will be competing at our next competiton. Although, that doesn’t mean we aren’t working on something else…

Why does the claw flip back as far as it does, would not making it flip back less when it dumps make it launch them farther? That is if I don’t have to wait till the reveal.
Also like the sound track.

We are currently working on a quick fix for this, since we are already qualified for states and are building a new robot it hasn’t been a big priority. You’re right though it would improve the launching.
Thanks for the input!