Team 3547: VIRUS Plans for Commercial Quality Field Risers, IQ and VRC

For the VEX community: here are the plans for our various field riser designs for VRC and IQ. The plans for these field risers are made available to the VEX community free of charge, for non-commercial use. Although the designs are sturdy (and the VRC riser has been time tested for 6 years of competition events), build and use these risers at your own risk. If you find these plans useful, please consider supporting our team by buying our high strength lockbars, 1x1 angle, or IQ Superkit Organizers (all from as the all the profit from these sales goes to our team.

The approximate prices listed are what the materials will cost, not including shipping from 80/20 in Columbia City, IN. Ordering information is in the plans, and 80/20 gives robotics teams a 40% discount.

Field Riser Plans

Here is the link to my google drive with the plans and ordering information: