Team 3560 Reveal
Inspired by other designs, It uses:

4 Motor Drivetrain 1:1
2 Motor Lift 5:1
2 Motor Intake

We will be focusing on hanging next.

Thank You and Good Luck!

can it do large balls?

Not yet, but we have something that we are testing, so it will be ready soon

Am I right in assuming that the other 2 motors will go towards hanging?

Very nice design :slight_smile:

Now I’m assumng that its under 12" correct?

It looks sweet! I want to see how fast it can get up to the 24" stashed goals!
Keep posting videos!

Yes those will be used for hanging

Yea it will be under 12" when we cut the bar in the middle off, we dont want to cut anything till our design is final

It is going to be a type of pneumatic assisted climb because we hit 30" right now all we need is another 10" that is what the 2 motors are going to be used for ,the actual climb is going to be done by pneumatics

Yea we could and we probably might end up doing that but right now we are just prototyping so things are going to change over the course of summer this is just our first prototype

Oh and right now we are focusing on low hanging fast with a ball

looks great :slight_smile: