Team 377 - A robot that backflips!

Not on purpose of course. This robot is a simple 6-bar that was having a few center of gravity problems. It would always fall forward, so we used a number of large wheels as weights to shift the center of gravity towards its rear. As it turns out we shifted it too much and the slightest bump from another robot sent it falling over backwards. When we tried to use its arm to right itself, we ended up perfectly upside down. Many people watching burst out laughing :smiley:
Here’s a picture, but we also have video if I can find out which team member recorded it.

I applaud you, sir. That is hilarious!

Well there’s your problem…

You guys take tipping to a whole new level. :smiley:

Best. VEX. Robot. Picture. Ever. Thanks!

I’m guessing this was at the Maine VEX Championship? My team talked about this robot. It worked pretty well when it wasn’t on a 6 bar lift, but if you can change COG, it will still be pretty good!

Thanks! Yes, this was at the Maine competition. Before the 6-bar lift we had a 4-bar lift, but it couldn’t even reach the second highest goals reliably. I love the 6-bar design as it is very sturdy, but we accidentally made our base too short thus causing the COG problems. We have since fixed the COG problem, but we don’t plan on going to anymore competitions this season.

I found the video. I will see if I can upload it…

Oh nice. And yes, however your team scored very fast. If I remember correctly, we picked you at Mount Washington and won because all the low goals and corner goals were scored!