Team 383V Edward Scissorlift V1

Hello forum,

I figured since my first competition is coming up soon and I’m completely done building for this iteration of the robot, that I would go ahead and do a full reveal. And yes the name choice was on purpose :smiley:

Robot Specs
4 motor 1:1 Mecanum Drive
4 motor linear slide elevator lift
2 motor conveyor style intake capable of holding two cubes
2 piston pneumatic skyrise claw

Autonomous Routines-

Skyrise Square- Scores a total of 12 pts. Scores two cubes and a skyrise section. Uses multiple sensors in order to lineup correctly every time.
Non-skyrise Square- Scores a total of 6 pts. Scores one cube on small goal in the square, then travels down field to the corner with the two small goals and puts a cube on one of those posts.

Can build a skyrise 5 sections high and 6 cubes on that skyrise, can also score on all goal heights. Takes about 30 seconds to fully build skyrise tower. Anyways, after competition I’ll be tearing this robot apart almost completely so I figured I’d reveal it while I can.

Please ask questions and criticize anything you see!

  • Jalen

Jalen, Edward looks pretty solid in all areas. Why are you going to tear it down?

Maybe I didn’t use the best words there. I meant that I’ll redesigning most of it while keeping the same basic functions. I hope to improve the entire robot in order to be faster and more accurate. So I will be disassembling most of it but it will be rebuilt in a similar (and hopefully more efficienct manner).

That was the same name we had for our Toss Up robot last season.

What if I told you two people could have the same idea. Ignore the Image choose the wrong image. =/

Very nice! I don’t know why you’d want to tear it down as it is pretty darn good.

What sensors are you using? Gyro and encoders or is there a line follower in there too?

Your lift speed will be slower with the lift type you have. But it works! Don’t mess around too much.

I have line sensors, quad encoders, a potentiometer and ultrasonics. I’m using all of those except line sensor. The lift speed is quite slow so that needs work but I would like to increase my cube capacity as well as make everything quicker. Thanks for the kind words :smiley:

Sorry haha, I promise I didn’t steal it… Great minds think alike.


Good luck this season. Edward delivered for us last year. Hopefully his long lost bro does for you as well.

Outstanding, Vikings! Nice seeing your great progress already!

I think we have very similar skyrise claw flipout design… when the lift goes up the claw shoots out. Very cool. Except we use one motor for claw and one motor for intake, and we use program to hold intake tread up against weight.

I like the multi-colored cube. 1/2 the points for both alliances.:D;)

Hm. That’s very interesting. We use two on the intake but we might be able to switch it to one, but I have a new idea for an intake so we’ll see how it works out. Good luck this season, I’m sure we’ll see you soon. :smiley:

My thinking was that since I built the skyrise tower in that corner I get the skyrise sections pts and then from there on out, it’s just ultimate SPs for both teams haha