Team 4033B December Reveal (detailed)

OK so sorry about the last post… didnt have much time to put in a good description

SO lets try this again…

-The drive is all wheel drive at 160rpm using all 4 393 motors.
-The robot is not pushed around very easily
-4 4" omni-directional Wheels
-1:1 gear ratios

-The lift is tilted back at about 3 - 5 degrees to relieve unneeded stress off the slides
-The lift is a double extending lift using an idea perfected by team 1103
-Uses rubber bands to help counter act the weight of the intake
-Uses 4 269 motors approx. 30 in lbs of tourque
-Very fast and light weight ( not sure on time but its around 2 - 3 seconds to 30" goal

-The intake can hold 4 objects
-Can score both low and medium goals from either the top or bottom of intake
-Can score the high goal from the top only
-Uses guides on bottom of robot to help align barrels and balls
-Cannot pick up the barrels when the indents on the top and bottom are facing the intake paddles…

The robot is designed to be fast and efficient. Lock nuts are used throughout the robot to make sure everything is tight and secure.

2-3 seconds is a great speed for an elevator lift with 4x269 motors!

Have you ever had overheating or cracked internal gear problems on the lift?

sounds like a fast bot! i like how neatly it is built. looks like a good bot!

Why are the lift motors mounted high instead of low?
I usually like to mount my outside C rails with smooth side out,
and I like to use something more substantial than just standoff-posts to mount the outer rails.
Use of lock-nuts is interesting, maybe you can give a post-competition lessons learned.

No i have not had any problems at all with cracked internal gears or over heating problems

Congratulations to your team(s) on your alliance win! Great designs and performance by all 3 of your teams.

Thankyou Very Much

Looks impressive, your robot looks well designed for any of the skills challenge. What did you score there?

Any update of Lessons Learned after your competition?
Any wobble in the outer rails?
Any lock-nut slightly loose issues?

No did not have any problems with the drive or the lift…We ended up winning beating all 8 of the 254 teams.

We got a 16 in the skills challenge… probably could have done better… but durring the emiminatios i went 8 rounds in a row back to back. and never had a overheating problem at all…

That is very impressive. 254 is a top notch program so I would imagine that to beat all 8 of their teams this robot must be seriously good.

About how many pieces do think think you scored per match?

Nice work, good to get an elevator that quick… How light is your scoring mechanism?

and how many of their old-timers graduate?

I think on average we would score 15 or so pieces per match… plus either the double or negation barrels sometimes both. and thankyou video will be posted soon on youtube.

i would say our intake weighs about 1 - 2 lbs… its not very heavy but we use rubberbands on the lift to help counter the weight