Team 4033B December Reveal

Robot Reveal for team 4033B

Very Nice Robot! How are the motors arranged?

Nice robot :slight_smile: It looks very solidly built. Can’t wait to come to your tournament this Saturday. Btw how long does it take to lift to score on the 30 inch goals?

I notice that your robot has 4 omni wheels for its drive. Does your robot get pushed around easily? Also, can your robot take barrels of all orientations? Currently, most if not all dual tank tread intake designs ive seen so far are unable to take in barrels sideways.

Looks good. It has the same basic intake/arm that 1200B has (from what I have seen of theirs). At least I think it’s 1200B.


  1. How fast does the arm get to 30"?
  2. How many game objects does it hold?
  3. How fast is the drive train.

Do you have any videos of it scoring/driving around?

1200C, 1200B has side sucker intake

You did good. Don’t be hard on yourself.

Are you the team that sucks the objects up with tank tread, and you pick them up vertically?

I hit 500 posts! Just saw that :smiley:

No, we had the side sucker (flaps on a 24 tooth sprocket) with the ‘‘chain lift’’. It was a robot with c channel with chain on lift to keep intake oriented properly. 2915A has this lift style. Not the right lift to call it but ya. We lost to you and 323A in our final qualification match 13-15. We had no partner and our autonomous didn’t work. Also dropped vexNet if I remember. Could have put double in but you guys blocked me.

We also lost to 1200E in one of our qualification matches. They had a partner and we didn’t. Our robot didn’t work in autonomous and only had vexNet for the last minute of operator control. We still lost 17-18. I call it FAIL at rolling meadows because in my opinion that tournament was a lot of luck for some teams. Not for your team though because you guys were one of the better teams at that tournament, so don’t think I’m saying your team did good because of luck, you guys had a good robot! Our team did terrible because of luck.

Solid looking robot. How fast is your scoring?

No one cant deny that we had so much bad luck. Either Vex Net dropped in almost every match, we had a mechanical malfunction, or we didnt have alliance partners.

Yes, VEXNet was terrible, and we had some very bad luck.

I think we could have done WAY better if our drive didn’t over heat, our alliance partner showed up (This happened 3 times), and VEXNet worked the whole time.

Ah, well :smiley:

You guys did decent, and we all could have done better.

Hmm…I don’t know if decent is the word to describe my team/robot.

Considering we only lost by 2 points to a match against you and 323A in match where we did not have a partner, and our autonomous that fills up the interaction 30 inch goal didn’t work, I would say we did better than decent. Most of the robots there did not work to there full potential in that competition and my teams most certainly did NOT. I can prove it to you in a match if you choose to come to my schools competition in Neenah, WI in February.

Just because you got to finals does not mean you were best/2nd best robot there and can call other robots decent…

If we lost a match by 2 points to you and 323A in a match were our autonomous didn’t work and we had no partner, then what do you consider your robot…good?

agreed. most good bots did not live up to their true abilities.

I also agree.

After that match we found something wrong with our intake basket, so that is why we could not score… At least very well.

Mechanical malfunctions can be reduced by

  • good craftsmanship
  • good engineering practices, like adequate design margin
  • empirical testing to discover latent flaws
  • good preventive maintenance procedures
  • engineering design to avoid the need for preventive maintenance
  • check-lists

“Fortune favors the well-prepared”

Kind’ve like my brothers robot but five times better there trying to use a 4 bar lift on it but I keep telling them linear slides. What do you think its like this one it comes down over the objects.

if you think we werent prepared you are wrong… sometimes things just dont go well… AT ALL!

I feel you on that one. At world’s last year, although we had done rigorous testing, our robot had major overheating issues, which led to our poor performance. As the saying goes, “What can go wrong, will go wrong”

So how many objects can this hold?

We had very similar problems, and there is definately times when you are as prepared as possible but things just got wrong. last year before worlds i would drive my bot around for a good 30 min straight only stopping to change the battery with no problems. at worlds the drive overheated everysingle match…