Team 42700B/C 2018 Winter Reveal "lobsterBot"

Well played, Meng

@Xenon even if yours isn’t working, your theoretical ideas are pretty good. You helped get mine running.

Looks very noice! I r8 8 out of 8 m8.

Thanks! Any suggestions?

Someone mentioned side loading so I figured I’d give my 1/16 of a cent. I’ve actually found that shooting off the side is actually not that hard, and I feel that aiming is easier than the front shots. Also, it makes it harder for your opponents to push you around. For catapults where you aren’t firing balls successively, from a purely driving standpoint, I actually feel that side-shooting is better. The only issue is picking up balls after shooting, so for my team’s redesign we are probably going the more traditional route. Also auton can be kinda funky as one of the sides will have the intake facing the wall.

@Crazycrabman I meant having a ramp to the side of the catapult which loads sideways into it, rather than a shooter orientated towards the right or left side of the bot.

That’s not a bad idea. I thought about it a while back, but decided to go against it because I didn’t want to have to parallel park a robot. I also like to keep moving, and shooting at an angle is easier for me than turning 90° every time I want to shoot.

Have any of you tried using a front intake to front facing catapult? That seems like it would be the most intuitive solution.

Yeah… we have both front intake and back intake robots sitting in our lab.

If anything I would say keep up your speed. Efficiency and speed have won us our comps so far. Quick recovery time and a chassis with 4 wheel 200 rpm v5 drive makes up for any misses. But dang excited to see how your season goes. Best of luck!!

we use six 2.75" wheels with four 200rpm V5 motors. We’re considering 4" wheels at the moment. Thank you, and good luck to you as well.

We did some calculations in our notebook in brainstorming and found that with 100 rpm 2.75 wheels move at ab 365 mm per second. 4 in wheels move at about 531 mm per second so it’s an increase in speed of about 1 1/2. The change is def worth it.

what about torque loss? @SDvex

Personally, it’s not too bad,considering the speed boost you get. I’ve seen your driving style, and I think the extra speed would do you good.

I’ll probably look into it then. Only thing is the higher center of gravity

The vast majority of teams I’ve seen use 4" wheels, ad your robot doesn’t look to be in any real danger of tipping.

we’ve tipped many times, but mostly due to pushing up against a bot and not letting go.

I’m surprised that there are teams out there that see 2.75 inch wheels as “the default” (nothing against those teams, I personally would appreciate some 2.75 omnis, but anyway)

I made a mistake, we use 3.25" wheels.

Great design for pushing bots off the center platform, but have you run into trouble with this at comps? Because I thought you weren’t allowed to make robots tip over onto their sides.

no, G12 allows for incidental tipping due to heavy resistance for the yellow platform.