Team 4270n beast

This 28 lb. beast of a robot in an incredible piece of work.[ATTACH]8238[/ATTACH]




-4 Motor powered Scissor lift
-4 Motor Mecanum drive (direct power)
-2 Motor sideswipe intake

-Holds 3 Buckyballs and a Large ball
-Can low hang, but can’t lock in place :frowning:
-With the scissor lift fully extended, capable of reaching about 5’ in height
-Easily stashes the buckyballs and large balls, but has trouble picking up large balls occasionally

-Built completely out of aluminum where possible, but still weighs just over 28 lbs with batteries.

More photos in the next post…

More photos of our bot




Are you competing at the worlds?

Looks like a well designed scissor lift, that should preform well.

If you are going to worlds, will you try to make a hanging lock before then.

Very heavy robot from the looks of it… any videos of it in action? :slight_smile:

Wow, looks cool. And I thought our robot is heavy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have any issues with it tipping or being imbalanced because a large amount of weight hangs out to the front?

Holy cow.

I’m sure you can figure out how to lock a low hang into place. But geez, there is no way an efficiency team will push you. Assuming you have the consistency at competition, you will be a deadly force.

Curious though, how long does it take the robot to turn 180 degrees?

Our g teams linear slider system is the exact same( like precisely). Also can that thing go over the bump. If going to worlds what division. Dat intake is being huge. Do you have problems with flipping forwards when stopping. (5FT) from under 12 in (holy cow). Do you have problems with your drivetrain overheating. That thing is so freakin amazing.

Sorry about the raving but thats amazing.

I think your rubber bands might be illegal.

We are done for the season, and we did not make it to worlds. Yeah, as you may expect, our robot it pretty slow. Mecanum helps though, and we do have pretty good maneuverability. I have many regrets at attempting a scissor lift… I really don’t think it was worth it, it was just way too heavy.
The elastics that assist our lift come from VEX… The black latex tubing. Funny thing about that though. Because of the weight that the scissor lift has to lift, in the initial push from 12", it took over 300 lbs of horizontal force to get it to move. I believe that we put about 100 lbs of force in elastics on each side, and the aluminum didn’t like it, and literally snapped in half!
Yeah, it was quite a robot, but I am so glad to be done with it because of how much maintenance was required to keep it working.

Again, due to our weight and low center of gravity, the robot has never tipped, and could get over the bump excellently.

I don’t know why you regretted at scissor lift. In U S Open, two final captain were all scissor lifts. Scissor lifts are very stable, not tip issues, easy to drive… . but little bit heavier and slower than bar lifts.

They are a pain to maintain, and don’t like to work. 127X tried one for months earlier this year, and ended up scrapping it for a six bar they built in two weeks.

If you get a scissor lift built well, they work great. The issue is just the well part of that statement. They need to have minimal friction, be adjusted well, have a good method of powering it, etc.

We have a scissor lift and have gotten it to work very well. Might do a reveal eventually with info, otherwise you can talk to me at Worlds or I will post something later.

If you are willing to spend a lot of time fine tuning, experimenting, and getting it to work, do a scissor lift. Otherwise, if you want to just do something that is simple and works easily (and is standard) do a bar lift. As for what is better, both have advantages and disadvantages, so I don’t think anyone is specifically better than the other.

I think scissor lifts are amazing and worth the time. Our g team has won every design award with theirs and recently done very well in competition thanks to the idea from Floyd 2’s bucky ball intake. But anyways if you can make a reliable scissor lift you can do well in almost every game( sack attack: t-vex, toss up: t-vex, Floyd 2, iron wave. Gateway: 80n)…

Compares my chain bar to the 12 bar scissor lift

…yeah… only a little bit heavier…

On a more serious note though, its much easier to build a de-scoring system on a scissor lift than on a linkage

I just think that we just overdid it a bit, and all the weight was just way too hard to handle. We built it with lots of unnecessary weight. I do love scissor lifts, but like you guys said, it takes a lot of maintenance and fine tuning. It was a pretty fun robot though.

What do you think of our control box in the back? It’s probably my favorite feature of our robot.

I really liked it :slight_smile: I have always wanted to do something like that, but our robots we build don’t have room for it. Maybe if we get to build the 18x18x18 robots… (cough cough).

This robot will not be going to worlds then?

It says here that their not going to world.

Must have skimmed over that -_- Thanks :slight_smile: