Team 44 Green Egg Robotics Reveal

Fred VI


Designed to compliment an efficiency bot Fred VI is built for descoring, huge last second deposits and extreme pushing power. These functions are optimized with its 8 motor drive which features a 2 speed transmission.

• 2 motor descoring roller (popped up with pneumatics)
• Piston activated rubber band powered lift
• 8 motor drive with 2 speed transmission (1:1.34 for fast speed and 1:0.68 for slow speed)
• High goal descoring
• 30+ sack capacity
• Basket designed for easy loading by partner

For more information and to see Fred VI in action, stop by our pits. Also, check out our facebook page for more specs and updates.

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Let me say, this robot looks so awesome! I’m glad to see another unique robot this year! One question… how tall is it when its fully raised?

Thanks! I’m not sure and the robot is in the mail, but I know the bottom of the descoring roller is just above 30" in the second photo.

Okay cool! Also in the 2nd photo, what is that long piece of lexan for which is above the descoring roller?

Looks good as always. Can you descore and rescore? Maybe with the pistons for the roller lowered?

Sorry guys I’m not sure how much the Leland wants me to reveal. Leland just asked me to post those pics and specs. He is on the plane right now haha I’m sure he will be happy to show and answer questions about it in person this week.

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Can we get some details on the 2-speed transmission? I am always interested on how teams accomplish shifting in Vex.

The gears are shifted using one double acting piston. He had to do some interesting stuff to make everything strong enough to handle all of the power from the 8 motors, and shift smoothly. I don’t have any good pics of the transmission or any videos at the moment. Sorry I am not of more help. Definitely go check it out at the pits.


I would love to but unfortunately I won’t be at the championship this year. But I will ask some of the members of 675B who will be there to check it out.

Oh I see. We will try to post close up pics and videos after the championship.

looking forward to playing with you guys in science. Best roller choice for descoring. :slight_smile:

One of the members on my old team was building a robot that had the exact same concept but he did not have enough time to get it perfected. Im sure you guys will do great at worlds. Cant wait to see you there.

We also had a design before Worlds that featured a 30+ sack elastic lift. The extra 4 motors were for other things though… we didn’t finish that robot.

Nice robot!

too bad theres no vid :stuck_out_tongue:
hope i catch it on the stream!

Did anyone record/post any of this bot’s matches at Worlds?

Yeah I would love to see this thing in action! Does anyone have a youtube link to any of it’s matches?

Hi all. I am finally getting around to posting a video of our Sack Attack robot, Fred VI from a quarterfinal match at Worlds. Here is the link.

Team 44

Elegant design. I like it.

Nice. When they do something, they do it well.

Wait a minute… am i seeing this right? Is there an intake that’s connected to the “drive train” to pick up sacks?