Team 44?

Anyone know if Green Egg Robotics is participating in the Skyrise season? I have enjoyed seeing their videos and marveling at their robot in the past, but haven’t seen anything from them this year…wondering if I missed something.

I may have just answered my own question. I looked up all the U.S. teams on robotevents and there is no team 44, nor any team by the name Green Egg Robotics.

Anyone know why they closed up shop? Seems like a shame.

Leland has graduated. Most of the original team graduated after gateway. It was just him during Sack attack and then he recruited someone I don’t remember her name to compete with during Toss up. He could be doing Vex U but I’m not sure.

I can confirm that he IS competing in VexU. He is a member of the Number 1 ranked team for both Robot Skills and Programming skills.

Ah, didn’t realize that was the nature of the team size. Too bad more people weren’t recruited to sustain the team.

He is competing on team QCC2 from Worcester, MA along with Jason from 2625 and Jake from 40A

So I assume team QCC 2?

While they may have been the leader of both skills and programming, there are now two other teams above team QCC 2 in programming. The top team is now XNOR from Minnesota (I have to mention that…I am from just down the road form them and proud of how well they have done)

Team QCC 2 does have 73 in skills (#1)…very impressive.

That’s one impressive team!!! Best of luck to them.

Green Egg when in the high school division was a group of home schooled students. You can find more about them here

Yes Leland is on QCC2 along with myself and Jason (2625). We will be attending the VEXU World Championships and we hope to see everyone there!

Hopefully this year VEXU champions will finally be able to beat VRC champions. :wink:

Looking forward to facing off again at worlds (hopefully with us having 2 robots)

Should make VEXU more interesting this year.

Sadly there will be no nar or OYES. :o


Luckily for us OYES fans 3/4 of the OYES members are on AURA.

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I thought OYES (double skills champions and VEXU Excellence) could have given the HS champions a run for their money, between the 3:1 drive on Whiplash and the double-blocking capability of Master and Puppet. That would have been an interesting match to see.

EDIT: Also given the fact that OYES had the 2013 HS champion and finalist on their drive team.