Team 448X Early Season VEX Turning Point Reveal

This is the reveal for our 1st robot, Zulu. Hope you enjoy!


Great robot! I’m glad to see another elevator lift like us!!

Nice robot! I love the passive flip.

Good robot and solid design, can’t wait to see how it performs in competition


Very nice. As a bonus, here is a picture of an elevator robot (FVC) from 2007:

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How far we’ve come…

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just me or is the image not loading properly?

Thanks – should be fixed.

I really like the robot overall, especially your cap scoring mechanism, any reason you chose to do locked omniwheels over traction wheels. I do think your flywheel could improve, and one way to improve your intake would be to speed it up, generally in nothing but net, the fastest scoring robots had a 3:1 or 5:1 on their intake.

In order to not have to drop center the traction wheel

Who is your base driver? He must be insanely good at everything does. He’s obviously the best base driver in the world.

Daniel448X hmmmmm

He is the best!

One question. What grease do you use for your elevator lift. We had some grease on ours, but it dried up after a few weeks and made the whole thing stiff. I’m not sure if it’s the grease we’re using (cause it’s years old) or if we’re missing something to prevent grease hardening.

We’ve been using white lithium grease, and its been working very well. So far we haven’t had any grease hardening. Occasionally we will apply some more grease to the lift, but not very often.

All right. Maybe we should invest in a bit of that too. Thanks!

@dannybedro That cap flipper was awesome to see in action, hope to see you at another tornament.

@224x Thanks man! Hope to see you soon!

Nice Robots!