Team 44's Custom Mecanum Wheels

Thanks for all the positive feedback on the 2.75" custom Mecanum wheels we brought down to Orlando with us. For those who are interested in seeing them or who did not get a chance to visit our pit, here is a video of them on YouTube.

Leland built them with a drill press and band saw with several custom made jigs for consistency in cuts and drilling.

Those are amazing! I wish I could have gone to your pit at worlds and looked at them firsthand. I like how you used 60 tooth gears for the mecanum wheels instead of the conventional wheels. Great job at worlds guys!

i saw these wheels and they were very interesting. well built team 44

I must say these are awesome

If i have time, i may try making some of my own

is there a strafe wheel in the “demo” robot? i couldnt see one… never really seen mecanum wheels in action, so maybe im missing some of the physics?

No strafe wheel- that’s just how mecanums work. If you look at the wheels the rollers are positioned at a 45 degree angle from the direction the wheel is turning. That is what makes them even cooler than omnis becuase you can basically make a 4 wheel drive robot that can strafe (no 5th motor for H drive).

It is the same idea (physics wise) as holo drive when it is strafing. instead of having the wheels be at an angle the rollers are at an angle. It is pretty space efficient too because the wheels don’t have to be at a 45.


Wow, thats really cool!

I’m tempted to build a set of four now. How easy was it to push around?

I saw these at Worlds, and I take my hats off to you!

You simplified my job for this year, especially considering my plans for this year… :smiley:

Thanks for the video! It answered any doubts I had!

im amazed it strafed so quickly
in past youtube vids, there were robots with ACTUAL mecanum wheels (not from vex) and the strafe movement was always around 1/3 the speed of front and back :confused:
in your vid however, it was almost 1:1!
thats very good!
i think it has something to do with the roller angle…

These wheels are roughly as easy to push around as any omni drivetrain.

this side to side movement on this is very impressive, especially how fast it is

How complicated is the programming? From what I have read about mecanum wheels and what I saw on the video it seems like it would have to be quite complex.

I’m pretty sure that it is exactly the same as a normal X-holonomic drive.

I’m pretty sure it is exactly the same as an X-holonomic drive.

NO! But they’re easy to program…


love the wheels would you mind sending me instructions, i would love to build a set for myself if thats cool with you guys

James from our team tells me he programmed it the same as he does for X-holonomic drives.

It would be exactly the same. Wheels on one side go in same direction=forward/backward. Wheels on one side go in opposite directions=right/left.
The use of shaft encoders would be different, as you go 1.4x further in one rotation of the wheels with mecanum than with holonomic.