Team 4542 Ursa Major's Robot

This is the robot that team 4542 (Ursa Major) is bringing to worlds:

(we temporarily took off the mesh around the basket to make repairs).

Our robot can do the following:

Score on and descore from both high and movable goals.
Score on and descore from goals inside the ladder.
Use the claw as a ‘claw’ as well as use it to index tubes.
High Hang.
Store up to 25 rings (yes, we can high hang with them in our basket).
Tip the ladder (We don’t plan to use this much because of the risky nature of this behavior).

What do you guys think?

Very cool! :slight_smile:
A few questions…
How much does it weigh (with and without tubes)?
Do the stored tubes interfere with the drive wheels?
How fast is your high hang?

I’m looking forward to seeing you guys compete!

how are the rings kept in the basket?
Also, how fast is the drive?

There is non-slip mesh around the basket, which we took off for repairs.

It’s quite fast; We have 4 269 motors powering the drive, one for each omni wheel.

There is mesh that prevents that from happening. We took that off for repairs as well.

I don’t know the exact weight, but the robot is mostly built out of aluminum, so it is pretty light. I’ll get back to you with the answer soon.

I think brunn may have been asking how you physically get the rings in the basket, does your claw just flip all the way back and then drop them? or is there some other mechanism that I don’t see?

I love this robot. I wanted to build this one.

I suspect “tube starvation” will serve you very well at Worlds.

There is one little secret that we cannot disclose at the moment but your assumption is correct the claw reaches up and flips over and dumps the Tubes into the basket in the back.

What side do you high hang on? The rungs or the “side”? (From the looks of your wheels, I think the side…)

this roboy can hang from both the rungs and sides the wheels you are looking at are for lack of better term “breakaway” wheels but do not detach

Very nice bot. I have a few questions:
How does it fold up to fit in 18"?
Do you have issues with tipping forward before filling up with tubes?
So your “breakaway” wheels are a collapsible wheel base?
Did you find it faster to put the tubes in your robot rather than into the ladder?
Have you felt the need to, or experimented with an expanding bucket?

We had a design at one point to have something like this, except it used a 4bar where the top set of bars were made out of chain. Once it reached a certain height, the claw would tip back and dump the tubes in the bucket. We never did make it, but congratulations on making yours work.

The arm fits into the basket

Nope, we never really had too much of a problem with that but the front breakaway wheels are just backups

We found that we could collect much more tubes quickly if we stored them rather than go back to the ladder after collecting one stack. Plus, I’m sure there will be more robots at worlds that can collect the rings regardless of them being under the ladder.

Definitely not, this basket can hold about 20-25 rings.

OOOHHHH!! Secrets, secrets! :wink: I’ll try to stop by your booth for sure, and come check us out too, we are 1200E. Check out my thread as well, and comment away!

how long does it take you to high hang?

looks like a very solid bot.

I like it!!!

The one thing I can’t figure out is what are they tiny omni wheels for. But overall awesomeness i say!

I believe they are for added stabilization. I think they are spring-loaded so they can fold down when the robot is hanging.


Ever had the other team put your own color rings in your basket? lol

We have never had the other team drop our own tubes in our basket. We were worried about it when we were designing, but it turned out not to be an issue. If the other teams try to put our tubes into our basket, we just do a 180 degree turn. This puts our scoring mechanism in their way. Besides, if our tubes do somehow manage to get into the basket, our claw can take them out :smiley:

We did this to a hoarder-bot that I made for our scrimmage on April 2nd. :stuck_out_tongue: It was meant to fill in gaps and the mentors would drive it. The robot was made completely out steel so it was pretty slow, but for a few hour build, it actually ended up working quite nicely! Even with how slow it was, and with how fast our robot was, it still wasn’t that easy to drop their rings in their bucket. :stuck_out_tongue: Although it was quite interesting, haha. Playing against them we ended up with next to no rings left (and this is with a slow robot. 1:1 with 4" wheels, I think) so scoring was made difficult. In the last match where we went 1 VS 2 against the hoarder-bot and 24A, we ended up losing due to a loss of scoring objects. Though we played the same game, putting many of their tubes under the ladder, but being 1 VS 2 still made it quite difficult to win. It would have been real interesting had it been 2 VS 2. I look forward to playing with/against one of these hoarder-bots, as around in our area we never saw a single one until i built that mentor-bot. XP And I’m sure other teams (like magicode’s did, for example) could build something much better than what I did with steel in less than a day. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hoarder bots are pretty interesting. They change the field dynamics by effectively removing scoring objects from play, so things become very interesting very quickly. Same with putting the bases in the ladder, but that also changes the field layout too.

As far as hanging goes this robot will high hang successfully every time by our judging but if you want to see the time it takes either scour youtube for our first attempt at hanging or guess at it.

Better yet come visit us in our tie dye green at Orlando