Team 4886 Stress Testing :)

Hey everyone! So 4886x just got their drive train done today and here’s the video of the first test! CLICKY

Feedback anyone? :wink:


I’m thinking more torque.

I am impressed with the quality of your arm and intake. It should have no trouble quickly picking up and scoring sacks. Unfortuneately I do not think that is within the 18x18x18.

Haha :stuck_out_tongue: Being able to drive Owen around (he weighs 140) and then me (I weigh 180) more torque could be useful haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah :confused: Right now we are trying to make the robot squeeze down to fit in the 18x18x18, then world champs here we come :wink:

Hmm… So it can carry around all 100 sacks, now the question is, will it be fast enough to get around the field in time :wink:

Looking good, but it needs more cowbell!

Haha, it can actually carry 360 sacks :stuck_out_tongue: And who knowssss, this robot was just started, but we have plans :wink:

So you two are on two teams (A, X) this year?

No, this year I am only on 4886a. Owen and I are helping Matt because his other members don’t come much, they have sports and such, so after this weekend he will be getting one of the 4 original members back onto his team. But overall, we help all of our teams out, once we qualify for Worlds we will be building/mentoring our 2 new middle school teams. :slight_smile:

Ok, sounds good.

Impressive…Whats the drive geared for, and how many motors you got on it?

Yeesh I would be scared about bending your drive shafts doing that. Would be interested in some specs - number of motors, overall gear ratio, wheel choice, etc.

Nah they don’t bend. Specs are 8 393 motors, 2 per wheel, geared 1:1, with 4 mecanum wheels. 1 battery at the moment. That’s about it, Matt had to do some pretty cool chain tensioning to get it to work well. There will be a video soon giving more details on the drive chassis.

At those weights, I’d figure the bearing blocks, or the structural metal would fail. Or maybe the wheel rollers. Also that’s a lot of motor power on the drive.

How did you know it wouldn’t break anything?

I’m going to guess the answer to that question is:

They didn’t.


Yes, Lucas is correct! :stuck_out_tongue: I was basically like… well Matt, if this is really a good drive train… THEN IT CAN HOLD OWEN!!! and then after begging matt to let owen sit on the robot, he did and it worked! :smiley:

The lesson learned hear is, “never doubt an 8 motor drive”.

With our mecanum wallbot from last year we found we could see the drive shafts bowing at about 80 pounds of weight, so I’d be very scared to put more than that on there…

my ears are hurting from the screaming motors >.<
but other than that, good job! :slight_smile:
hope you didnt break anything that you dont notice until competition day :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, nothing broke :stuck_out_tongue: we are working on it to do something pretty cool :wink: Hopefully it will work out!!

If you guys are planning what I think you are planning, some kind of amazing, ultra cool transporter bot???, then it will not be complete until you fit several of these:

If you plan to continue placing this sort of load on your robot, you might consider fitting some additional, unpowered omni wheels to spread the load over more than 4 axles, as I believe the axles will fatigue rather rapidly otherwise.

Also, a steam iron may be useful to remove the permanent furrows from your foam tiles :slight_smile:

Good luck with the design, Paul.