Team 5119 - New Podcast Series

Hello, i am happy to announce that we have published a series of 27 podcasts today on youtube

they are about the vex design system, parts, competitions etc

Please comment, rate, subscribe etc … there are more to come … plus there will be videos when we get access to our robot … if people havent already seen this, watch this (it seems to be popular) [


Wow, Great idea! Only one thing is that the majority of the audio is on the right side. You can tell when you listen to the videos with headphones. Other than that, these are some great podcasts!


yes … i found the problem, all the new videos are stereo … i have pulled out my mixing desk (i am an audio technician) … so i am going for a full set up in the new videos …

there are new podcasts to be released tonight (3) … and we are hoping to record more today … so keep a look out on the channel


Looks cool! I will have to watch them when I have sound… Until then, keep juggling them motors. :slight_smile:

will do, we will get it in the record books … longest time juggling vex motors :smiley: