Team 5119 Reveal

Hi guys, we are currently building our sack attack robot … i am happy to announce that we have a business sponsor (KUKA ROBOTICS) !

As well as this, i am happy to announce that us (the team) are currently planning a series of youtube videos about the vex design system … we have a thew ideas of videos, does anyone have any ideas of videos/tutorials/ explanations that you would like to see

as well as this, we are also offering a question and answer section on our youtube channel, so if anyone has any questions that you would like us to explain, please comment below :smiley:

Anything up yet?

They have two brief videos of their robot up already. Their channel is “Team 5119”.

Not much of a reveal is it

I’m not quite sure what you’re saying. They posted videos of their robot. What more did you want?

perhaps a link to their channel or some pics in the first post maybe

This is their channel I think…

sorry, yes our channel is

i am uploading some podcasts for people who are new to the vex design system to that account today

keep an eye out

Hi 5119,
Just wanted to say well done for all the work you are doing. The videos look really good and you are doing a good job of raising the profile of robotics in the UK.
I think my team was opposite yours in the pits at nationals last year. You did a great job to make it so far with all your robot problems.
We are doing a something fairly similar to you at the moment… look out for it!!!
Well done and good luck with your regional
tall668- Virus Robotics

very good, i can remember you guys, hope you are doing well … good look with your regional, hope to see you at nationals !