Team 5492/901 November Reveal

It’s a basic six-bar, top-roller robot. 4 393s on drive geared for speed, 4 269s on arm, 2 269s on collector. Can hold 4 objects, but normally we limited it to 2. 5:1 gearing on the arm made it really fast, but not very strong. Here’s one of our best matches. We were playing really cautiously because the refs wouldn’t let us score over the gate separating the isolation zones, or defend the goals at all. Now I have some big plans for improvement :cool:

That’s…kind of ridiculous? Did you ever discuss with the refs about these calls? Anyways. Robot looks really solid! I was wondering how you managed to get the rubber bands to stretch so far without breaking too often? What size rubber bands are they? Did you ever have tipping problems?

The refs based their calls on their “interpretation” of the rules, which included:
-you can’t touch the robot after its autonomous program has started
-no blocking other teams from scoring
-no removing objects from the corner goals
-no pressing buttons to activate autonomous(we fought this one)
-no scoring over the wall into the other isolation goals
-very little robot-robot contact
We tried to fight most of these by looking up questions on vexforum, but few of the ones here are explicitly defined. Also, one of the refs told us “Look, I know you guys think you’re such big shots, but this is our game.” Is there any way to submit a formal complaint on this sort of thing?

We used two rubber bands for each of the “thresher” threads. The arm elastic was 2.5’ lengths of latex looped 4(and later 5) times, which contributed to the really fast arm motion.

That is just rude.

Why did the ref’s do that? They were holding back all your power.

Anyway, nice design. Looked very effective from the video :smiley:

Keep up the good work!

That is horrible. the refs are supposed to follow the rulebook word for word, notr how they interpret it.

defense is a huge part of the game and if the refs arent allowing you to block teams from scoring (as long as it isnt pinning) then you are taking a huge aspect from this competition.

this is what you (and anyone else for that mater) should do before a competition:

  1. find ANYTHING that you may be doing that (new) refs may “frown” upon. (blocking, button autonomous, ect)
  2. go to the vex forum and find the exact Q+A that allows you to do it. (the Q+A isnt the best for searching, but all the things on your list was answered already)
  3. if you cannot find the answer look again (its there!)
  4. after you looked again you should ask a question as specific as you can based on your robot/ strategy. (this should be done a week in advance)
  5. print out all the Q+A and have them handy in your binder
  6. go to the head ref BEFORE the competition starts to make sure everybody is on the same page (this will not give them the “hot shot” impression)

this 6 step procedure was based on personal experience
our autonomous this year was allowed because of the pre-cautious steps we took , as well as our “modular arm” from last year in round up

hope this post was helpful and not too long to read :slight_smile:
hope you will have smoother experiences in the future


Yes, I’ll certainly be doing that in the future.

Those refs’ interpretations that you listed are completely erroneous.
In the rule book it is stated gateway is meant to be a offensive game. This refers to no descoring. Not sure how you get “no blocking” from that. I hope those refs read this because that sort of thing is completely egregious on the refs part. As for no button autonomoudes karthik has answered this as not accurate. Anyway, it looks like an awesome bot.