Team 569C Robot Reveal

569C by Devin Catron, on Flickr
I have necently noticed that a few teams have been putting up “robot reveals” and I normally dont like doing these sorts of things because it gives away alot of secrets but a large majority of people have gone with this design so theres not too much to lose. Our teams real secrets come with the programming which I am not going to tell but if you see us perform you may be amazed. Now on to the specs.
Chassis- our chassis is consisted of all aluminum for lightweight purposes. we run a series of 6 motors (4 269 and 2 393) that are geared at 1:1.5. we are noticablly faster than others on the field.
Arm- we are running a 6-bar arm system. this seems to be very popular this year because of the height you can get out of it. this runs by 2 393 motors geared at 8:1
Sensors- we are running with 2 quad encoders on the chassis, 2 shaft encoders on the arm, a limit switch, and a potentiometer. but I can not tell you what any of it is for. we also have an LCD on the back that we use to get real time feedback while the robot is on action, both during auto and driver.
Just looking for some feedback and if you have any questions I will see if I can answer them without revealing too much more.

We also have a Potentiometer in the back that selects between Autonomous Routines for every starting tile and we have an LCD screen on the back (Which should be angled more, so the drivers can see better!) which provides live debugging during the matches, tells us what autonomous is going on, and when we should introduce our doubler and negator barrels.

Looks like a nice robot!

How does your intake fold down at the beginning of the match? I’m having troubles getting mine to do that consistently.

It folds back and it a on top of the preloads and runs I’n reverse. It flips out and our gates get opened as well.

It looks really nice

So its folded back at beginning of the match, then you put in preloads and it folds down while your outaking? Hard to tell because of your grammar :stuck_out_tongue: no offense

How fast does it collect balls compared to barrels?

We stack a Ball on top of a Barrel towards the back of our intake slide and rest the Intake roller on top of the stack. When the Intake roller runs in reverse (spit objects out) it flops down in front of the robot and the ball and barrel fall into a row of Ball then Barrel from the forward flipping motion. The Intake roller also uses rubber bands in order to help it flip down and keep pressure on the object in order to pull it in fast.

All this is programmed to take place during the beginning of autonomous. It even scored one time when it didn’t flip out properly. lol

It collects the Balls Very fast. When the barrels are on their rounded side it pulls them in very fast. When the barrels are on their flat side it is a bit slower then the other orientations but it still rather quick.

On behalf of Team 569C.
Thank you!

Are you guys middle school or high school

The picture if I must say is a heck of a lot nicer than some of these that I’ve seen on the form thankyou It gives me something pretty to look at. Nice High-Def Photo

Thank you. I had a full studio setup for it. we are in High school by the way

How does the gate work???

Another question.

How many balls/barrels can you carry around without dropping some?

I had 3 feedback for this picture, but I decided to follow your lead instead.

  1. Any reason for an encoder instead of a potentiometer on the arm?
    -A potentiometer is absolute and requires no zero position
    -A potentiometer is more accurate than an encoder (12 bits precision over ~270 degrees vs 1 degree resolution on the encoder)
    -A potentiometer is significantly smaller, and would fit directly on the shaft by the motor without requiring that chain and shaft for the sensor

  2. Any empirical speed tests? “faster than others” isn’t a good number. I’m impressed by numbers.

  1. We are changing the encoders for potentiometers. we originally had them gear that way the encoder would spin very fast giving us more accurate readings.
  2. It has a 1:1.5 gear ratio for speed. It is far faster then any other robots in our club and robots we have come against at tournaments. I have not calculated the speed in fps simply because I have not felt like it.


We can hold 5 but thats pushing it because the arm driver has to keep the intake spinning to hold in the fifth object.

If by gate you mean the angled flaps on the front of our intake slide, they have two pieces of 1x metal that interlock together. When the intake roller flips down the ball and barrel slide down and hit the gate causing it to open. It has rubber bands on both sides to help it open up.

The gate helps when the driver isn’t aligned properly on a ball or barrel. The intake roller grabs the object and because of the angle gate it funnels it into the intake slide. The intake roller fixes and problems with the orientation by just rotating it.

Very clean design. I didn’t realize that it was legal to color the metal like that (virtical bar in the six bar.) The intake also looks very solid. Oh, and just so you know, I calculated 2.3fps for your drivetrain which is a bit faster than average but still slower than if you just went 1:1 using the High Speed 393’s. (2.5fps) Overall, I really like your robot and agree that programming will play a huge role in robot success this year. This robot looks like it is capable of scoring the entire isolation zone of game objects in auto (of course I can’t make assumptions not having seen it actually play.) Still…

Good luck this year, Bryan

Yes the painted metal is legal. It wasn’t painted by our choice, the metal has been painted since clean sweep. We usually try to find whatever piece fits, it doesn’t matter to use. XD

As for your hunch about our programming, the robot is not at full potential programming-wise but it still puts a hefty number on the board by the time the autonomous round is over. :smiley:

And thanks for calculating our drive train’s fps for me.

By the time winter break is over this robot will be very different! We may have a teaser so watch out. Oh it has been decided that this robot will be mainly an interaction bot.