Team 5776 2015 Worlds Reveal

We’re excited to unveil our VEX Skyrise robot, Mango.

You can watch the full reveal HERE


  • 4 Motor 7:1 RD6B (Rubber Banding creds to 2587Z ;))

  • 4 Motor 1:1 3.25" Wheel Holonomic X-Drive

  • 2 Motor 1:1.6 Conveyor

  • 2x 1 Piston Side Skyrise Claws

  • 2 Piston Angle-Changing Mechanism

We’re in the Arts Division this year, come visit us at our pit!

Good luck to everyone competing!

That is a VERY pretty robot!! :eek:

The tilting conveyor is a really cool idea. The overall robot is really good.

I also really like the tilting conveyor. It pretty much nullifies some of the disadvantages of the conveyor intake when face with stacked cubes. How did you think of using that?

This is the best conveyor belt and also the most innovative. This would certainly be a top pick for the innovate award. Of all the robots with a conveyor belt and skyrise capability, this is the best I’ve seen. You guys are smart and awesome!

Thanks for the compliments!

We found that a major disadvantage of angled conveyor intakes was that they couldn’t intake stacks of cubes easily. We could’ve solved this with a needle intake or a vertical conveyor, but wanted the ability hold 3 cubes and to score 1-2 cubes at a time instead of the entire load. Tilting the conveyor was the first solution we came up with. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to use it at all in matches since stacks of cubes didn’t last very long and we were stuck building the skyrise most of the time.

I’d also like to give a shout out to 2587G and 8059C for being our alliance partners for eliminations.

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Nice robot!
how’d you do at worlds?


We had them 5776 Mango as an alliance partner in a match at Worlds and it scored “negative points” for us. Never moved and parked to close to the Skyrise tower we built and caused cubes to be descored…:mad:

Mango went: 1-7-2

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No need to be rude to other teams. When an alliance loses, it’s because of the whole alliance.

Sweet robot guys, looks great.

Not rude…just the facts as they happened.:wink: Nice looking robot though.:slight_smile:

It’s not necessary. VEX should inspire, not put down someone. Be constructive, or say nothing at all. Your facts could be biased too. Even if it wasn’t their best year, everyone has one of those. Just be careful what you say, or it may hurt someone.