Team 5776Y Pre-season Teaser

5776Y - Full reveal coming soon. Thanks for viewing!

(This teaser is a parody of this video

That’s an awesome and original robot concept!
How long can we expect to wait for the full reveal that you mentioned?

Hopefully around October 18th. We want to go to our first tournament before doing a full reveal.

Woa, that turntable launcher is epic! How did you do that?? I’m inspired :stuck_out_tongue:

totally same here

Interesting music choice…

The video is supposed to be a parody of WW2 tank propaganda. Our robot is like a “tank” because of the turret. Also it’s a direct reference to this video

We’ll explain and post a lot of pictures in the reveal!

Looks like I have some tough competition:)

already trying to come up with ways to make my shooter do this

Im waiting… :rolleyes::p;) :slight_smile:

And have you programmed in some sick auto targeting program? Gotta do the robot justice! :smiley:

The team I am part of had a design very similar to this. The only thing we never figured our how to do was elevation and a way to pick up a full stack of ball without them scattering. It will be interesting to see if you have solutions to these two problems.

Nice robot, clean design and original. Though I would like to know how heavy is the robot, how well does the intake work, and what is the ramping up speed of the launcher. Great job on the robot.

So this is where 323Z found their design.

I am pretty sure 323z was working on a turret design before this video was posted. This video was posted on October 3rd and 323z posted a video with their finished turret design on October 21st. Less than 3 weeks is not enough time to redesign that much of a robot.

I think 18 days days is more than enough to build a build a robot. Last year, we had 1 week to build for our next competition. We worked on it 3 hours a day. We were ranked 2nd out of 60 right below 5776y, even though we didn’t alliance.

For clarification, 323Z had the turret design before the video was released.

Well I guess the designers had a “mind clash”

when is the full video coming out

Ya, a team in my region (I won’t say which one) made a similar turret design completely separately from 323Z or 5776Y.

Yeah…it never happened :frowning: but within the next year we’ll have a non-video reveal (more seriously hopefully in a week after our next tournament)