Team 5776Y Pre-season Teaser

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How about putting the ball in straight

Somehow I missed this 2 months ago, not long before we built our first turret bot. Cool design.
Now two months later, how many teams have turrets?
So far I’ve only seen 3: Ours (Team 50000) Team 323Z, and this one ( Team 5776Y) Anyone know of any others?

I’m trying to build a prottoype for one, and in my area only 12B has a turret. But their’s is poorly made( only turns maybe 30 degrees) and is an only infield double flywheel on 2in traction wheels.

Excellent! I would love to see more turrets. I’m planning on doing a robot reveal once we finish our rebuild, the robot will be turret again, as we had one for the past two competitions we went to, and it worked really well.

From what I could see of your robot on the YouTube videos of your competitions it seems like you are controlling the turret manually. Are you planning on adding location tracking code to allow the robot to automatically aim the turret or continuing to aim it by hand?

Yes I’m already working on it, I wan’t able to do it before do to the lack of gyroscopic sensor. Where did you find videos of our matches though?

Playlist from gladstone here:

I expect more videos from the event will come (Playoffs).
The thumbnail on the second video is you robot. :slight_smile:

Oh excellent thanks, I thought that wasn’t going to happen. I’m subscribed to Mariner Robotics, but it didn’t send me an email.
Our first match sucked because I was sick and we only had two people. :stuck_out_tongue: XD
And, I will also add, if anyone is wondering why a lot of those robot are having serious difficulties, it was because the balls at the competition were rock hard. I had to rebuild our entire autonomous program!
Anyway back to the turrets. We also need to allow our turret to do about 600 degrees of rotation, it only did about 300 degrees at that competition.

You got that right :frowning:

How is position tracking working for the other turrets out there?

You shouldn’t have to redo your auton because of ball compression. I have maybe 1/4" of compression and the only difference that the new balls made was they flew a little farther (our home balls are skinned, maimed, and destroyed). We even recently got more new balls and they fly through just fine.
Just reduce your compression to at max 3/8" and minimum .1". It also helps with consistency between balls: our lightest and heaviest balls have a change in distance of about 2in at full court speeds with TBH.

There are two robots in my region that have turrets. 5775y and another team that used an actual turntable bearing.

901C from Japan has a turret that aims up and down as well:

They’re in qual 5, 8, 14, 23, 29, 32, and QF, 4-1 & 4-2.
Unfortunatly they can’t score very well.

Can’t go into detail, but tracking is going very well for 323Z. Expect a teaser soon (subscribe for instant updates).

I can’t wait to see it! Your previous videos regarding the tracking have amazed me. Keep it up!

Nah that ball is “automatically centering”. But we’ve remounted the shooter and rebuilt the intake 3 times and each time its actually improved. If only our lifter would work every time we redesigned…