Team 5854 Skyrise Robot Reveal 2015

Here is our Skyrise robot from this year! Unfortunately we did not qualify for Worlds this season.

4 Motor Speed Drive, pneumatic expanding X-Drive
4 Motor Torque Lift 1:7, Double 4 bar (8 bar)
2 Motor Speed Conveyor Intake
Pneumatic Skyrise Intake
Can score on all posts and up to 5 skyrises
3 Cube capacity
Flip out hard stop for consistent cube intaking

Watch our reveal here!

Team 5854 Captain

Nice job. I like how even though you have a non-linear lift, you do not have to shimmy back and forth to stash cubes because of the nature of how your conveyor works. You only have to be above the post, then operate the intake. Many 4,6,8 bar’s I have seen have to continuously move forward as they lower their lift to stash cubes.

this is a really nice bot man, i really love the expanding X-drive and that skyrise intake, something that I havent seen this unique until now with your robot. hope you get a chance to go to worlds

It’s nice to see someone else working with a variable shifting x-drive.

I really like your Skyrise peg intake. Very cool!!!