Team 5956 Bangarang's Robot Reveal Video

Team 5956 Bangarang’s Robot Reveal Video

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That lift design is amazing. Have you submitted it for the world innovate award?

Fantastic robot! It was so exciting being able to compete against you guys this year. Look forward to seeing you again at Worlds!

The robot as a whole instantly makes me think of the robotic arm I’ve been learning to program in my CIM class. To be able to build something like this from VEX parts, and have a robot that can score highly is really incredible.

Thank you for the compliments on our design! We are quite happy with the final result after a few changes since our last competition. We wish the best of luck to you all at Worlds! T-5 days!!

Thanks! Unfortunately we didn’t enter for the innovate award.

Thanks to everybody for the compliments! I hope to see you all at worlds! I can’t wait!

Awesome robot! I love seeing the non-traditional designs. So much creativity in this robot. Nice work! I will definitely be hunting your booth down at Worlds.

1mathman, it’s nice to hear from fellow PLTW students. We have a CIM class at our school as well. If you are referring to the Scorbot, we’re flattered. That arm design as well as other arm designs (including the VEX clawbot) were the inspirations behind our design. Thank you for the compliments.

You’re welcome. I was referring to the the scorbot. The only difference in degrees of freedom seems to be that there is no roll on the claw, which you really don’t need in skyrise.

And it’s a vex robot.

Spectacular design; this one really caught my eye. I’m curious to know your inspiration on making a foldable arm…

Thanks for the compliment. The VEX clawbot and other robotic arm designs were the main sources of inspiration behind our design. Being able to fold the arm was a must in order to fit the size constraints and still reach the top of the skyrise. We used Autodesk Inventor to get exact measurements and make sure the arm would be able to fold into itself and still be in size constraints.