Team 598B 2018 Robot Reveal

Check out our newly released reveal for our robot!

4m HS base
2m Reg. 1:5 MG Lift
2m HS 1:7 DR4B Lift
2m Turbo 1:5 Chainbar
1m Reg Roller Intake

Nice! Do you ever have issues with the roller axles bending? It looks like they bend apart quite a bit whenever you intake a cone.

The axles do bend a little when we pick up a cone, but we haven’t had any large issues with it yet. We’d like to add a bar across the two, but it won’t fit in size restriction.

This robot looks really good. Two main questions though. 1. Do you plan to rotate your rollers to make wall cones easier to get (better bracing too) 2. Why only use 11 motors? A six motor drive or four motor lift would make this robot a contender for eliminations

  1. No, we’re sticking with the roller we have. We found that having the roller oriented like what we have is actually really easy to pick up wall cones. Also, we can’t fit a sideways roller in size restriction as of now. 2. Our two Motor HS lift is super efficient and hasn’t burned out ever, so we’re going to keep it. We’ve seen four motor turbo and HS lifts, and we didn’t like them. We’re keeping our lift because of it’s consistency and speed. A six motor drive seems kind of uneccessary to us since we’ve never burned out our 4 motor drive.
    Thanks for your questions and compliments!

I use a 1 motor torque 5:1 MG lift and it is perfectly fast and super reliable. Just saying if you took a motor off you could use pneumatics for a brake or lift assist or whatever (or use 2 motors for something else). A brake would seem really nice for human load in my opinion.

Looking good!

They could just make a brake with one motor. That would probably work well, in my approximation.

@Aponthis I think it would be more useful than to use pneumatics because instead of wasting an entire motor it is just 1 piston (probably single acting) only being used once or maybe up to I’ll say 3x. You could then also have a lift assist, or a pneumatic mobile goal retainer, or a pneumatic mobile goal tipper/grabber(credit to @antichamber). I just think there are a lot more potential uses and could be actually used in more places(brake + lift assist + retainer = 3 things > brake = 1 thing) with pneumatics than 2 motors IF everything else works fine.

True. They probably don’t want to rework a bunch of their robot, though, and pneumatics are a pain in the butt (I had a major leaking issue in the morning at State last season…).

@Aponthis SO TRUEEEEEEEE. I wish the VEX tubing was more leak resistant!!! I stopped using it this year cause of that exact problem

It’s never been the tubing for me, it’s been the connections.

@Aponthis After V5… BETTER PNEUMATICS!!!

Haha you’re right about us not wanting to change our robot much… A brake for driver loads isn’t a bad idea, but we hate using pneumatics so we probably won’t add one. We were thinking a three motor 1:5 lift would work but that’s quite a bit of work to rebuild. We’ve also thought of a one motor mobile goal flipper, but we recently figured out we can use our roller to flip them relatively easily.

@LHS Team 598B You could just use your extra motor as a brake and not change anything else…

We might have enough space on the bottom of our base but the mobile goal lift takes up quite a bit, how would we go about making a motor-powered brake?


I am thinking a linear slide just to push into the ground like a piston would. Either that or a worm gear thing or a lever

A neat brake would be like a circular brake below the center of the robot, super similar to one I saw back in Skyrise to stack them. Once it’s deployed, your robot will stop once it’s stuck in the ground, but it will allow your robot to rotate in respect to the brake’s axis, which can be useful in autonomous for more precision. I’m not sure if I’m clear enough for you. It’s kinda hard to say it in words.

I’ve seen a pneumatic one from Skyrise, so I know what you’re talking about. I was just wondering how to make one that uses a motor versus a piston. But as @josh_siegel said, I think a linear slide or worm gear would be best. Thanks for the idea guys! We’ll see if we can implement it into our current design.

If you make a brake that allows you to turn, though, that is not very useful for doing driver loads without being pushed. If I was trying to disrupt someone, I would hit their corner with intent to turn them anyway.