Team 598B 2018 Robot Reveal

Maybe a good design is just a linear rail that connects to a square peice of lexan with non slip mat?

If you want a brake that your opponents cannot even hit you at the corner and turn you, then you will need to anchor your robot in 2 points, i.e. push down on the mat at 2 spots or have a really long brake.

Or just have your brake be away from your center of rotation, so if they try to turn you the brake will also have to move

Well then you will rotate around that point instead. It may be a little harder, but still very much possible. It very much depends on where they hit you, though.

At that point just whip out your handy dandy 4” traction wheels, dip em for 48 hours in vats of anti-static spray, and boom, your opponent can’t turn you. They have such a good result, even you won’t be able to turn you!


Has anyone considered raising their wheels a couple of inches? That way, the entire chassis is pushing into the ground. Then, you can add a dozen pounds of steel. No one will ever be able to turn you around! The best part is, this doesn’t even take any motors. Actually, you can remove the drive motors as well, since you won’t need them.

The sad part is this reminds me of my school’s Y team during the NBN season. There was an event in which their robot just didn’t move and did match loads the entire match.

Even worse is they won that event.

My second tournament in NbN, we could have won without moving. It was mostly just about shooting driver loads. It was also funny, because our programming skills scored higher than our driver skills… because both were just shooting and hoping to hit, so it was a lot of luck. I managed to get velocity control to somewhat work later, but it would drift up and down… I should have used PID instead of TBH.

YOu could use an x drive and strafe when they try to get you. OF course, that would fall under major modification.

Don’t make a brake, since you have the time change the mogo to one motor and make it a 6M drive. That is probably your best bet on stopping defense and at the same time you are improving match play. Looks good though.