Team 60X - Crossfire 2016 Reveal

Crossfire presents our entry for the 2016 VEX Robotics Competition, Snapdragon.

6 motor 3:4 turbo drive (4")
4 motor 3500 RPM Single Flywheel
1 motor 500 RPM Intake
1 motor 1500 RPM Indexer Stage

Amazing robot, especially for a new team! Good luck at worlds!

Cool video.

New by number only.

I assume that the team was formed in a similar fashion to 360 then?

:smiley: Awesome robot 60X the video is beautiful!

Congrats on being state finalists!

Three questions:
What do you mean when you say indexer?
Which editing program did you use?
Was this pre-approved by @tabor473

Wow, really great job. How did you guys spray paint the wheels??

Awesome Robot Guys! How fast do you shoot at the bar as well as driver loads?