Team 6197 - Elite: All-night Build Timelapse

We had an all-night build last Friday.

These are the results…

That must’ve been fun.

Did you plan and/or CAD most of your robot beforehand?

P.S. I’m jealous about your weather, it seems it’s nice and warm.:stuck_out_tongue:

Great video. Looks good, did you paint the C-channel? Did you finish off that 3.5lb. bag of Sour Patch Kids in one night?:eek: LOL.

Whoa, that’s a long work session! The longest one we’ve had is just 10 hours before a tournament :smiley:

Very impressive. It almost looks like teamwork, too! :slight_smile:

The C-channel is painted, and lets just say those Sour Patch Kids are paired well with Mountain Dew!

Sick robot :slight_smile: