Team 62 Early Season Reveal


4 motor - 7:1 Cameron lift (RD4B)
4 motor - 1:1.6 Cameron drive (X-Drive)
Pneumatic cameron intake
Passive cameron hook intake (temporary)

If you have any questions, please ask!

Here are some videos from the last competition:

I’m impressed, we’d be hard pressed if we had a match against each other. I’m liking the skyrise builder. I’m guessing it flips to the other side for the other color? If you could figure out a multi cube intake for that, you guys would have a beast of a robot. That and some high scoring auton routines is where I’d go next with it.

Wow, quite impressive for a 1 cube capacity robot!

You like making fun of names, don’t you. :slight_smile:

Haha, not only nice robot but the first person POV was fun to watch.
the motors sound a lot more like construction machines than a whirring vex motor on the camera
“the moment you realize you can only score on 6 skyrise sections”
“not touching, skillz”
lol good stuff

Definitely one of the best methods of skyrise scoring I’ve seen up to this point.

Thanks! Yes, the skyrise intake flips to the other side. We already have a 3 cube intake built; Just not enough time to put it on before this competition, which is why the robot only had a total of 8 motors.

if anyone is interested, the robot view was filmed with a GoPro 3+ black edition @1080p 30fps and the FPV was filmed with Google Glass.

It seems like most people are doing it these days :smiley:

props to team 21 for that crispy auton :wink:

Yes! thank you to 21, they were an amazing team to work with. It was also awesome when there auton worked! :wink:

I’m curious why you named all the components of your robots “cameron”?

He is making fun of me lol.

It goes with the theme of naming his team Kanagasabapathy’s and naming his robot Tabor the not so Great.

what are the details on the legality of switching the skyrise claw from one side to the other between matches? How do you do it so its allowed?

Why would there be an issue? There is no rules preventing modifying your robot, the only catch is that if you make major changes you must be re-inspected.

I never said there would be an issue, just asking. :slight_smile: I’m assuming this is not a major enough change to need reinspection.

<R2b> is a pertinent rule in this discussion.

Probably should just show both configurations to the inspector during the robot inspection.

Yeah thats what we did

Can confirm… was inspector.

We just put a mechanism on both sides lol. Great bot btw!