Team 62 skills 70pts

Here is a video of our 70pt skills: (its 5 seconds too long because the intake jammed in the beginning)

At worlds we ran this with a few more mess-ups and got 63pts.


Very impressive guys. It looks like a few of the cube pick-ups are pre-programmed functions, yes? Those make everything run so smoothly in this run a long with the completely autonomous skyrise build.

Yup, the cube drops (for picking up the cubes in a stack) were all pre-programmed and with some practice, were very effective.

I wasn’t there to see it, but was it just that last cube drop of 3 on the post you didn’t have enough time for at worlds? Its still impressive that you can get 63 without the last three objects of your run.

Yeah, we did not have enough time to pick up the last 3 cubes and put them on the side post.

I had the honor to observe a 7 skyrise autonomous test by team 62, and I was thoroughly impressed.

Round Up had 1103. Gateway had 2Z. Sack attack and Toss Up had Green Egg. Skyrise had 62. Congrats, new legend of VRC.

Sack Attack 2915A…

I have to say I was extremely impressed with Cameron’s robot this year. As a field tech in Arts division I had the pleasure of seeing his autonomous perform several times, I really had expected team 62 to be in the finals.

Team 62 is also based in my home city, Glendale, California. Perhaps we should collaborate one day :slight_smile:

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Welp. Thats game.

Peter from Discobots happened to get video from my first skills run at worlds, as you can see, i messed up a lot.