Team 62 states teaser

On behalf of all of 62 we present our states robot, “LeBron James Pearman v2”:

That intake looks very nice

I can’t wait for the full reveal.
Is there a date planned?
The lift looks amazing.

Right before worlds ;D

Awesome job. Just wondering, how much does the robot weigh in total?

14.6lbs in total, however are making efforts to lighten it before states.

Wow that’s pretty light for a lifting robot. Would you mind sharing your motor/power distribution?

It’s looking to be quite the tournament Saturday! Looking forward to competing with you.

btw nice ending

Its a teaser not a reveal :wink:

We will give our motor config up when we do a full reveal

Good thing he answered before I did, I would have given the answer lol.

Love the video though, California states is looking to be quite the competition.

That robot looks awesome, would love to meet you guys at worlds!

In the beginning, was it supposed to be tabor or tabour?

Can you shoot full field too?

No prob, i was just curious.

Nice, you guys always do a great job on reveals, and this will not be an exception. But as with most teasers I am going to do a prediction of your robot:

  1. think that there is a ratcheting mechanism on the flywheel acting as a transmission to your lift, like 323 had.
  2. Your lift is a low lift, based on the size and position of it and the intake.
  3. One motor on each of the parts of the intake.
  4. Does preload in around 20 secs.
  5. Six motor turbo speed drive
  6. Four motor flywheel (two on the transition)
  7. An epic robot :slight_smile:

What does everyone else think?

Amazing video, shows the robot in a way that shows of its abilities, but hides the actual robot.

what is your bps from the bar?

1104 speed


its an inside joke haha

Nice robot, cam!

I’m a little curious about the intake. Why the c channel on the first stage and the large wheel for the second stage?