Team 62 teaser #2

The final reveal will come soon so be posted!

Wait what curse

Who is this guy?

Nice meme

Discobots has lost in the world’s finals 3 times and in the divisional finals the other 2 times they have competed at worlds. This is called the “discocurse”

The most successful team in the world that has never won the world championship.

wow :0

Didn’t Chingbotics become Discobots Canada? They won with the Spur Flys in toss up.

Idk but he’s pretty funny! :stuck_out_tongue:

Big Man Tyrone:
Tyrone Video Order

And when discobots has lost it’s always been with or against 2915A

Thought another contender will be Lucas of 2941A Oats… it’s really a shame that he was not world champion.

Touche. Lucas does have the second most red trophies of anyone in VEX but no finals wins.

The head builder for 62. Jonathan, our programmer, is also on the forums now. 62 has grown to include many more team members this year!

Cam, I’m pretty sure he meant the guy in the video, not @djlesh.

Oh haha. My bad ;D

Oh. My. Gosh. Cameron which option did you choose?

what? Im very confused

No. I meant @djlesj.

Sorry, I didnt realize that. I thought you were the head builder of 62.

I think he was asking which option you paid for. In regards to the video.

Lynfield Collage could be a bit better with 3 Tournament Champions 2015 2014 2013, A Create Award 2011