Team 62 Teaser

Here is the final clue. We will be revealing tomorrow.

Maybe it can do skyrise and cubes at the same time.

that cable management though

Thats what I am thinking with this picture. I have seen that before but knowing this team it will do it very efficiently.

In their mid season reveal, it shows their robot building skyrises fast. Fastest skyrise builder I’ve ever seen.

Unless they changed their entire autonomous routine, I don’t think they would really get any benefit from placing a cube and skyrise at the same time, as they can build a skyrise without moving. Having to grab cubes would negate this advantage.

Anyway, this probably has something to do with their 20+ point skyrise autonomous.

It would make a lot of sense in autonomous. I could see them using the cube they start with and scoring it with a skyrise, grabbing the cube between the skyrise base and the middle of the arena and scoring that with a skyrise, and finally grabbing the cube on the other side of their starting position and scoring it with a skyrise which would be 24 pts. This would most likely be difficult but until we see their drive ratio we wont know.

We have professional cable managers on team 62 :smiley:

Reverse double n bar confirmed.

My thoughts on 3 teasers so far:

The 3 cubes I guess hints that you can pick up 3 cubes with your robot, probably with a conveyor if the teased robot bears resemblance to the robot you before your state champs. The fact that the cubes are red, hints you want to be the red alliance, or you just like red.

Since your chassis and wheels are held high off the ground it looks like you have some sort of a brake in your robot, pneumatically operated would make sense. From this it looks like you intend to play SKYRISE quite defensively, which in my opinion hasn’t happened enough so far. Also it looks like with your chassis so close to the ground your C.o.M will be quite low,so it looks quite hard to tip when big things are happening up top for this robot.

Todays Picture shows the low C.o.M again, which will probably be needed having what looks like a full aluminum robot. It also shows: Amazing management of the MC29s and cables in general ;), Lift towers so your lift is less likely to be a Scissor lift (also because your old lift was a RD4B), A single cube on the skyrise (I guess this is your preload, again red), Also there is an IME on one side of the lift but not the other tower for whatever reason.

Waiting for the full reveal.

Based off the fact that there is an IME on only one side of the arm, I’m thinking cross bracing and mechanical lift sync. The skyrise section and the cube do an excellent job of hiding the manipulators, so to hide for the skyrise section and cube to hide it it’s probably a needle intake, and the swivel arm is just out of sight.

This is getting closer. Nobody has mentioned something pretty obvious in the pictures :wink:

I’m Probably over-thinking it, and missing obvious stuff.

From the last picture it appears as if it is between the auto loader and the Skyrise base. Which would mean it would need strafing capability to achieve that position which there is no evidence of in any of the 3 teasers so far, That however makes me doubt if there is actually a brake…

The brake has 2 functions.

It seems to me that this robot has a drive-to-lift transmission highlighted by the second picture that Cameron posted. When the motors are switched to the lift, the brake is activated so that no one can push them while scoring. The brake is obviously not activated when the motors are switched to the drive. Maybe the same piston for the brake is used for the transmission?

Some of you guys were getting close, the big thing you missed was that in the 3rd picture, the robot was in the center as it built skyrises. You also missed that the brake also doubled up as a kickstand and lifted one side of the robot up off the tile, allowing the robot to start centered to the skyrise. You guys were getting really close! Here is the reveal:

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