Team 62 Teaser

62 will be posting progressively more revealing clues of our robot for the next couple of days until we do a full review a few days before worlds. Here is the first clue:

Needle intake?

Robot is able to score cubes. :eek:

It’s a small robot that drives through the cubes, or the robot might have a cube intake. I can’t tell yet if you will have wheels.

I definitely think so. If you look at their mid-season reveal video, you can see the outline of it as the robot places the final skyrises.

We will be finalists, confirmed.

Maybe 3 cube needle intake :smiley:

I have information from Cameron and Harrison themselves, 5 stage scissor lift with 10 motors, a transmission that allows the intake to be powered with the same motors, and no drive. Confirmed.

You forgot about our 8 cube needle.

3 cubes in picture = 3 cube intake
Most likely a conveyor as the cubes are placed in a straight line rather than a stack, which would indicate a needle intake.

Wait…3 cubes in the teaser.

62…6*2 = 12

12/3 = 4

4 Cube Intake confirmed

If it was a needle intake that could point the needle straight forward along the ground to pick up cubes while driving, that would be cool. Like a battering ram intake that can also be a needle.

Here is todays picture:

Those omni wheels are so cool!

Dat drivetrain tho

A pivot brake that allows the robot to perfectly rotate around the exact center of the robot. But it seems as if you have switched from an holonomic drive to a tank drive, my guess is ether a scissor lift or a DR4B without their swing arm.

A robot that can move…fascinating

A Very low ground clearance makes me think this thing is going to pack a huge punch up top. I am going to have to visit your area at worlds! I am not going to do that well at worlds but to see teams like yours is an honor! :smiley:

Thank you! I love talking to others, anyone is welcome to come to our pits and say hi!

m8 this photo is 2 xtreme 4 m3