Team 62 worlds reveal

if for some reason you cant acsess the video on our website here is another link:

If you have any questions please ask!](

Love the robot and the reveal. Make me proud Cam.

how did you cut those C-Channels on the chain bar?
This is an insane robot though i am jealous. can i join your team as well? jk

Man I love that skyrise building! that video was nice!

Thank you! Harrison made the video.

Haha. We cut the C-channels with a table saw.

y pneumatics not plunger

After 2 days of optimizing and shedding 30% of the weight of the flipping arm, we were able to push our robot to the limits and do the impossible:


Welp… all advice for competing teams: try to use on field measurement, because I doubt that there’s better than this. Seriously though, does the kickstand extended push you outside 18 inches tall?.

Aside from that, Lynfield seems to have competition here, in this game of autonomous-skyrise-one-up-man-ship.

Overall, great robot!


Haha, we designed for this. Without the kickstand deployed, the robot is 17.25" tall and with the kickstand deployed, the robot is 17.8" tall. Thanks for all the compliments, i look forward to seeing Steve at worlds, a friendly 1v1 might be fun :wink:

I think I just died inside a little Cam… That was by far the most impressive video I’ve seen all season.

Is there a pneumatic PTO from the intake to the skyrise arm?

Edit: the website answered my question.

Very nice work. Combing the kickstand and pto made a pretty brilliant design

With a team that has a solid cube autonomous, you could go into driver control with 50 points…

That is just insane. It’s really not possible to beat that. With a good alliance partner, you guys are virtually unstoppable.

Probably my favorite feature of this robot is not shown in the videos, but I guess you have to keep a competitive edge and all that good stuff.

The intake transmission? Or how it removes itself from between the autoloader and skyrise base? That is one thing I see no way for this robot to do.

here you go:

Well. That’ll do it.

Neither. There is more to this robot that has not been revealed.

Simply put: that is Amazing.
The Auton is awesome, however I wonder how it will cope on the competition fields at worlds if the conditions are not perfect.
It took me a while to realize the brake doubled as a kickstand that you teased on your other thread, which it a genius idea.
Can’t wait to see this at the event.

Yeah the 7 skyrise auton is pushing the robot pretty hard, if the fields vary a lot i might have problems with it, however the 6 skyrise section auton works as a very reliable backup.

You could always try bending the c channel

How consistent has the seven skyrise one been?