Team 62 Worlds Reveal

Team 62, the Kanagasabapathys, proudly present our 2015-2016 worlds robot, Lebron James Pearman.

6 motor 1:2.4 drive base
4 motor super tuned flywheel
1 motor 1:5 turbo indexer
1 motor turbo intake
4 motor high lift
13.43 pounds
10 bps mid shot
13 bps bar shot
3.2 bps long shot
16 unique autonomous modes
956 source lines of code

That is one cool robot. Good luck at worlds!


Nice Reveal and nice robot! Can’t wait to see you. It’s at worlds!

Very nice lift mechanism. How much weight can you lift?

That is definitely the best reveal I have seen this year. Nice effects. And even better and obviously more important, nice robot! Good luck at worlds

We lift 20 pounds, but if necessary we can lift more.

Hey can you please post a video of it doing 13bps and also 8bps as it looks like you can do a max of 6bps and often times just 4bps.

What do you mean by indexer?

We did, look at the link posed at the top :smiley: We do 11.6 bps at 1:00 to 1:02 with the mid shot. You can record a video of our FC and bar shot at worlds if you would like.

Yes after timing that section you score 5 balls in about 8-10bps . I would be intested if you could post a raw video of it shooting at each section as your 13bps was never shown in the video. You always had less than 4bps when you were going around picking up balls and shooting as it seems like your belt has a slight feeding delay as two balls get stuck. and would love to see the full field shot of 3.5bps :slight_smile: Thanks!

4 Balls enter the front plane of the net in .345 seconds. 4balls/.345seconds = 11.594 Bps.

If we get some time, I can film something short for you to check out.

13bps was the maximum fire rate recorded, if the balls are not exactly back to back in the intake, the speed will be reduced, however we are not really worried about that :slight_smile:

How much weight can you lift?

Great robot ( nice name ! ). See you in Louisville next week Cameron (and the rest of team 62).

your math is off as 4/3.45 =1.16. That means that it would be 4*1.16= 4.46 bps. Also your speed is not how fast it intakes the balls, its on how fast they all exit your robot. The number of balls that can leave your flywheel per second. so if we do a calculation you shoot 5 balls in about 0.6-0.7 so if we do(best case) 5/0.6=8.33bps and the videos would be great. I think your robot looks great but your stats seem to be off. it was like last year when you did the full 7 skyrise pieces in under 15 seconds for auton. Your robot started out of the square making it not possible.

Sorry, I changed the post above to elaborate for you.

Stop by our pit and we can show you our fire rate if you would like! You can also check out our robot last year to understand how we legally accomplished starting “out of our tile”, it worked pretty well for skills last year. I think I have a video on youtube explaining it if you would like. Hope to see you again at worlds!

Cant wait to see you again!

If we look at the video from last year you said “32 pt Auton Team 62” and your robot still started outside of the square. But thats besides the point it would be great if you uploaded raw footage of this 13bps 10bps and far shot of 3.5bps as it seems very unlikely to shoot 3.5bps with only 4 motors and perform it accurately. Thanks! :wink: ( Skills run you also started outside the square)

I couldn’t find the video with the explanation.

It’s unlisted.

Thanks @jonathandamico I was guessing it was a pneumatic kickstand.

Smart move with that. Although it still does not answer the over arching question of your robot truly doing 13bps and 10bps and 3.5bps. As your video never shows more than a max of 8bps.