Team 6737A Featured on local news channel!

Team 6737A was featured on the WGN local news channel!

In the video we showcased out bot, (We took it esay, I didn’t want to break anything) Had a mock game, and some of us were even interviewed!

(look for me at the end of the video)

We’ll see you at worlds!

Nice job Niles!!!

It is great to see how your team and your club has matured this year.

I wish people knew the whole story of your team and how a single event can inspire greatness. Think about it, a simple competition in December becomes the catalyst for a State Championship, Participation in Nationals and now an appearance in the World Competition.

Good to hear that younger students are on the team and will bring that spirit and enthusiasm with them next year and for years to follow.

Remember, you don’t just make your friends and families proud of you, your inspiration makes everyone in VEX proud of you.

Good luck in Anaheim.

Wow. Super cool 8 bar robot! And I like that scissors lift. Can they hang?

Thanks for all the support guys!

The scissor lift was just a side-project that one of our seniors was working on, we used it in the mock-match.

As for hanging; It’s possible. We’re still working on it. It hangs foine with just it’s intake motors alone, but we may still add pnuematics just for speed and reliability.