Team 68689A

I hope team 68689A wins worlds because that is my School team

You know what I hope so too

Yeah, I hope you win too.

I just want to congratulate you for being the first team ever in your district to qualify! And I just have to say, upsetting the bracket TWICE to be a 1v6, and losing 2-1 is no easy feat. Just out of curiosity, do you have a game plan for worlds?

Idk what it is, but I hope so too

we don t have a tactic but help us pay for Kentucky on go fund me

we are going into worlds

You will win

me too i want our team 68689a to win


Congratulations on making it and good luck. Hopefully we will see you there.

why danny why

Why not

Gooooooooooooo low dogs

hey if you can help fund us on gofundme we gonna get one real soon and when we do im gonna put the link.

Hello, I was on the first place alliance at the tournament and you should feel really good about what you were able to accomplish. You beat the third and second alliance and then won a match against first. It was also cool playing with you guys in one of our qualifiers. Anyways, it was nice to meet you and see you at worlds!

just got an update… we are not doing a gofundme );


But y’all have the money to go though?